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Info: Is it worth the H mark for my classic?

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Porsche 550 Spyder Oldtimer 111 Info: Is it worth the H license plate for my classic?

The H mark is a special License plate for oldtimers, which as rolling cultural asset be considered. But when is it worthwhile to apply for such an H mark? Are you the lucky owner of one at least 30 years old classic cars in their original condition, then you have the option of one seasonal or all year round H-plates to register. The H mark was first used in 1997 for historical Vehicles created which at least 30 years ago first time authorized and also in an original or almost are in their original condition. In this article we will inform you about everything you need to know about registration and the respective costs.

Is the H mark worth it?

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  1. No H mark without a certificate
  2. H license plates for tuned classic cars?
  3. Prove contemporary tuning
  4. Ambiguities in the H-report!
  5. How much does an H license plate cost?
  6. Season license plate vs. seasonal H license plate
  7. When does an H license plate pay off?
  8. Historic vehicle in the environmental zone
  9. Apply for the H license plate seasonally
  10. How many characters are allowed?
  11. For whom is a seasonal license plate useful?
  12. Number: H, 07 and season license plates
  13. 07 as an alternative to the H license plate?

H license plates: signs, costs, disadvantages, insurance, seasonal license plates, restrictions

As the owner of an almost original classic car, you have the option of using the vehicle as a automotive cultural asset register and get a so-called H-plates. With the H license plate you will earn many Tax benefits and only have to pay a flat rate annually 191,73 Euros pay road tax. This flat rate is independent of the Consumption and from capacity of the classic car. As the owner of such a vehicle, you get an ordinary one EU license plate, but which with the letter "H" (historically) ends. However, you can only get an H license plate with a Classic car report, which confirms that on the vehicle none major changes have been made and that the vehicle is almost original or timely tuned is.

Red 07 number red H license plate Info: Is the H license plate worthwhile for my classic?

No H mark without an expert opinion: But which points are checked in the expert opinion?

Nicht Every old-timer can get an H-license plate, because very used old cars, which have only just slipped over the age limit but are almost ready for scrap and heavily used, have no chance, for example. Because only if the condition of the classic car is at least good and the main parts are still in the original condition or at least have been replaced in a timely manner, will an H-license plate be of one Test engineer Test organization such as that TÜV, the DEKRA or the GTI forgive. Why is that? If a vehicle is used every day, is rusted and obviously only one Commodity, such as an old one Opel Astra F Built in 1991, there is nothing to suggest that such a vehicle should actually become a "cultural asset". But the Astra is well maintained and in good condition. Then this is also entitled to the status of "Oldtimer". "back

Oldtimer condition H license plate info: Is the H license plate worthwhile for my classic car?

The assessment of whether a classic car is entitled to the H license plate is very extensive and roughly corresponds to one General inspection. Also a general assessment Condition grades the condition of the vehicle and the originality of its main components is carried out in the course of the report. Following a Overview about all areas that are examined in the course of the assessment:

  • Structure and body
  • wheel and tires
  • Frame and chassis
  • Engine and drive
  • Bremsanlage
  • steering
  • Electrical system
  • Vehicle interior

H license plates for tuned classic cars?

The Tuning of classic cars must be between one contemporary tuning and a tuning that took place a long time ago. Became the classic car over 30 years ago tuned and the tuning is representative for the time, then the vehicle still provides "automotive cultural asset“Even if it is not 100 percent is original. With contemporary tuning, the situation is different, here only the following changes to the vehicle are allowed:

  • Changes the within 10 years were made after initial registration.
  • Technical changes that have been recognized as permissible within the series.
  • Not contemporary changes that proven 30 years or more ago.
  • This means that a vehicle can currently be classic parts be tuned.  "back

1988 BMW M3 E30 with contemporary tuning 11 Info: Is the H license plate worthwhile for my classic?

How can contemporary tuning be proven?

Zum Testify of originality Original brochures, operating instructions, Manufacturer Approvals or historical Gutachten very helpful. Also a copy of an old one Vehicle license, on which a changed rim size is noted, can be quite useful. But what can you do when you can none have such documents available? Then you could, for example, rummage through archives or look up Press releases search. Also a registration document for another vehicle of the same type could convince an examiner of the admissibility of the changes. "back

Ambiguities in the H-report!

According to numerous experts, the throws used in an H-report legal submission from 2011, the "Guideline for the assessment of vintage cars according to § 23 StVZO" lots unclear on. Namely, terms like "Original design“Not described in enough detail. Because Original design Strictly speaking, would actually be original parts and none replicas or others true to the original parts lock in. It is therefore confusing that replicas or true-to-original parts are often mentioned in the guideline. For this reason, it can now and then also depend on the mood or affection of the examiner whether the report is positive or negative fails. An expert opinion could therefore possibly negative fail if one historically correct engine is installed in the vehicle, but not the one original"back

Oldtimer valuation report classic info: Is the H license plate worthwhile for my classic?

The directive also raises numerous misunderstandings among the Chimneys on. While pending the appearance of the new rule too faithful replicas the exhaust system Stainless Steel were permitted, this passage is missing in the new regulation. Thus, currently, for example no H mark be forgiven, even if just a simple one Replacement muffler made of sheet steel. Nevertheless, the retrofitting of Exhaust systems for environmental reasons permittedif the reliability can be proven.

How much does an H license plate cost?

For an H license plate, owners of a classic car need a little more than 200 Euros pay. This amount consists of the costs for the expert opinion (around 100 euros), the costs for the general inspection (around 90 euros) and the costs for the approval (around 30 euros). In addition, it must be borne in mind that special insurance must be taken out for classic cars. And of course there is the cost of that License-plates from about 20-50 euros. "back

Seasonal license plate vs. seasonal H license plate: which is more lucrative?

  • Previously valid regulation without season approval: Let's take a VW Golf from 1966 with a displacement of 996 cm³ as an example. For this would have to be annually 252 Euros be paid in vehicle tax. In the case of a seasonal license plate, however, only pro rata 147 euros. Hence a would year-round H license plate not worth it.
  • Previously valid regulation with season approval: Report the same VW Golf from 1966 with a seasonal H mark you only have to pay pro rata annually 111 euros in vehicle tax pay. Thus, an under-year H-plates lead to savings. "back

When does an H license plate pay off?

It is worth it should not to apply for an H-license plate for every classic car. If you have one of the reasons for your classic car small displacement per year fewer than paying 191 euros in vehicle tax, an H license plate pays off should not. Because for small petrol cars under 800 cc displacement, as a BMW Isetta, one Citroen 2CV (Duck) or one Fiat New 500 an H license plate is not worthwhile, even if it is only registered seasonally. For classic cars up to 1,3 liters displacement, which so far with a 7-month seasonal approval were on the road, the change is almost always worthwhile, because the proportionate vehicle tax would be under 191 Euro fall.

BMW Isetta Info: Is it worth the H license plate for my classic?

Switching to an H license plate is particularly worthwhile for old ones diesel engines, for which a higher vehicle tax is usually payable. Here is an example: For a BMW 5 Series Diesel (BMW M21 / 524td) with 2,5 liter displacement, you would have to annually over 700 euros be paid to road tax, if no exhaust gas cleaning is installed in the vehicle. In that case, you would save a lot of money with an H license plate. However, it should be noted that in Germany there are very few oldtimers registered 30 years ago Diesel drive exist. "back

Historic vehicle in the environmental zone: is that allowed?

According to Paragraph 2 No. 22, historic vehicles are allowed to drive into environmental zones even if they are over none Environmental badge feature. "back

Umweltzone Info: Is the H license plate worth it for my classic?

H-plates can be requested seasonally:

If you like your classic car should not use all year round, then you can get one seasonal H mark request. In this case, the admission can be between 2 and 11 months vary and you pay fewer than for the annual H license plate flat rate (191,73 euros). In the case of seasonal registration, the tax will be proportionally calculated. For a vehicle that is only registered 6 months a year, only around 95 Euro due. You should for your classic car too without H mark annually less than 191 Euro pay road tax, the classic seasonal license plate remains the cheaper Variant. "back

Seasonal H mark - how many characters are allowed?

A seasonal H mark enter at the end H, as well as behind two numbersthat provide information about the admission season. While with a single line H mark without seasonal reference in front of the H maximum 7 letters or digits are allowed, may with a seasonal H number before the H maximum 6 letters or digits stand. This regulation primarily affects vehicle owners from places that are marked with 3 letters on the license plate, such as ERZ or ANA. For example, if the current license plate number of vehicle owners from such a location has 2 letters and 2 digits, have You convert to a new license plate with 6 characters. "back

H season license plate oldtimer tuning info: Is the H license plate worthwhile for my classic car?

For whom is a seasonal license plate useful?

Vehicle owner the should not year-round, but are usually only on the road in summer, can benefit from a seasonal license plate. For classic cars it is usually better anyway if they stay in the garage over the winter and not with you salt or Frost get in touch. Season license plates can last for a period between 2 and 11 months be requested.

Tip: By the way, the H-requirements are for a historic mobile home identical. Everything you need to know is available in our article H license plate for the motorhome? It is important to note that!

The vehicle tax to be paid is then pro rata calculated. The validity of the seasonal license plate is then noted on the right edge of the license plate. One of March to October registered vehicle would eg be marked "03/10" get. "back

Occurrence of H license plates, 07 license plates and seasonal license plates!

According to the KBA (Federal Motor Transport Authority) were in Germany on January 1, 2020 526.002 vehicles with H-plates authorized. This meant an increase of over 10 percent compared to 2019. In addition, there are a total of 60.000 vehicles in Germany with a 07 license plate reported, whereby experts in this case assume that these numbers are usually used for 3 vehicles be used. This would correspond to a total of around 180.000 vehicles. But the largest share is accounted for Seasonal license plates, a total of over 2020 million vehicles (2 to be precise) were registered here in 2.488.165. "back

Red 07 number red H license plate Info: Is the H license plate worthwhile for my classic?

07 license plate as an alternative to the H license plate?

Introduced in 1994 red 07 license plate can different Vehicles of the same type that are at least 30 years old are used. In order to get such a license plate, the vehicles have had to meet the same requirements since 2006 that are also required for receiving an H license plate, i.e. a good and original condition. In contrast to the H license plate, vehicles with the 07 license plate must should not regularly for the main inspection. This is what the use of the vehicles is for strongly limited, because vehicles with 07 license plates are generally regarded as not allowed. You may only use Classic car events, For Sample- or Practice drives and for trips to Workshop to be moved.

red license plate 07 Oldtimer license plate H license plate Info: Is the H license plate worthwhile for my classic?

If this regulation is disregarded, it comes to withdrawal of the 07 license plate. A 07 license plate is therefore only worthwhile if you several classic cars own, but only a few times a year to one Classic rally or a Classic car show want to drive. If you just want to take a trip with your classic car, a 07 license plate is the wrong choice. For a 07 license plate, as with the H license plate, there is a flat-rate vehicle tax of 191 Euros at. For motorcycles are only 46 Euros due per year. PS: and our contribution "The right license plate for historic motorcycles?“Informs about everything important about the H-license plate for bikes."back

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