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Classic in trend. The stock of classic cars continues to grow!

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Porsche 911 S Targa factory restoration 1 classic in trend. The stock of classic cars continues to grow!

The future of Automotive industry is on everyone's lips. But how interested are people still in the "old days“The industry? Are oldtimers and youngtimers less and less popular and accepted these days? Not at all. Although new cars have a lot of advantages, the older generation of vehicles is by no means forgotten and has many enthusiasts. This statement is supported by the so-called study "Classic study young and oldtimers 2020". Behind that study is that BBE Automotive GmbHwho have entered into a cooperation with VDIK, ZDK, VDA, Vogtmann & Herold, Bosch, FSP / TÜV Rheinland, Württembergische Versicherung, Classic Data, Glasurit and the specialist magazine Oldtimer Markt.

1,4 million vehicles

Shelby GT500CR Carbon Edition Classic Recreations Tuning Ford Mustang 16 classic trending. The stock of classic cars continues to grow!

The content of the study is current share of classics - this inventory data was created using data from Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA) and a survey in which 300 workshops were involved with classic references. Furthermore, an analysis was carried out with a subsequent classification of the stock of classic cars in relation to the value of the vehicles. However, the study mainly focused on these Old and Young timerwho are used as a hobby or as a Investment property be used. This sum is most relevant to the industry and includes whole 1,4 million vehicles.

Youngtimers are in decline

Youngtimer H license plate 90s classic in trend. The stock of classic cars continues to grow!

With the term "Classic Cars“The study describes both young and old timers that at least 15 years old are. And that proportion of classic cars is down compared to last year 4 percent up. Overall there are 9,5 million Vehicles. Double-digit growth rates can only be found in vehicles that have at least 25 years are old. In contrast, the proportion of Youngtimerswho are between 15 and 19 years old are more likely to decline. In addition, the division was made into seven different segments. As for the classic cars, the sum is a million vehicles. However, this only corresponds to a value of 1,4% of the complete stock of vehicles in Germany. It should also be noted that this is approximately 200.000 über dem 07 license plate are or even not allowed because they are in museums or other collections.

approx. 70.000 new classic cars per year

H season license plate oldtimer tuning 2 classics in trend. The stock of classic cars continues to grow!

As far as the future is concerned, one can be quite optimistic here - it is assumed that the stock will continue at least a little will grow. Furthermore, approximately 70.000 copies the youngtimer per year to classic cars. Positive developments are definitely relevant here, because after all, the industry should not be underestimated in economic terms either. In the industry there are more than 3.500 workshops, the above 9.000 employees employ, 3.000 dealerswho are responsible for the delivery of parts and also the 4.000 annually events taking place are also profitable for other industries. This year, however, it partially happened losses by the Corona crisis, however, the situation is expected to improve in the coming year.

The under-30s group dominates

From a study this year from Institute for Demoscopy Allensbach shows that 43% of the population think it is nice to see a vintage car and to be happy. Every third person would like it, some time to drive in a vintage car. A classic car too have wish 17%. So pretty much half of all those questioned find vintage cars especially or charmant. Interesting is the fact that the group of under 30 year olds around the group with the highest percentage (23%) is related to the interest in driving a classic car.

Mercedes-Benz and Volkswagen

H Saisonkennzeichen Oldtimer Tuning Classic trending. The stock of classic cars continues to grow!

By the way, those are the most frequently represented German brandswhich is hardly a surprise to most. The front runners are here Mercedes-Benz and Volkswagen - these brands make whole 43% of all registered cars. Fiat and General Motors are at least 20.000 units in the Check these top 10 represented. The study also shows that classic cars are not like that expensive are as many may think. At 51% is the volume segment of 10.000 Euros to 50.000 Euros most often represented, 41% are up to 10.000 Euros value. Only 8% of the classic cars are more than 50.000 Euros Value. As for the final result, both authors and partners are satisfied and have a good feeling about the future. However, should more measures be made to build networks that improve day-to-day business. Furthermore, more emphasis should be placed on the Online presence in order to reach more customers and also to position itself regionally.

Of course that had not happened yet!

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