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Diagonal tires - almost only seen on classic cars!

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Oldtimer condition grade 2 diagonal tires can almost only be seen on oldtimers!

Diagonal tires were introduced as early as 1898 and used instead of the solid rubber tires that were common at the time. The tire variants were still standard until around the middle of the last century and were used for early automobiles. Over time, however, diagonal tires were replaced by radial tires in the automotive industry.

Diagonal tires - how are they constructed?

Diagonal tires Radial tires The difference between diagonal tires can almost only be seen on classic cars!

Bias tires have carcass layers made of nylon fibers. The nylon fibers in the diagonal tire are laid cross-like at a 55 degree angle, so that they form a diagonal pattern. The fibers can be found in both the sidewall and the tread.

Diagonal tires - where are they used?

Reachstacker Diagonal tires Diagonal tires can almost only be seen on classic cars!

The bias tires were used in the automotive industry in 1948 by the Radial tires replaced. Nowadays, bias tires are still used in certain areas. For example, when working in the port with a reach stacker, diagonal tires are an advantage. The tires give the vehicle a high level of stability and the sidewalls are more resistant than other tire variants. It should be noted, however, that the cross-ply tires used there are more of a mixed construction and have little to do with the previous cross-ply tires. Furthermore, you can still find bias tires on vintage cars, as these are usually originally built. Older too Motorcycles can still be equipped with diagonal tires. Diagonal tires also have their advantages when they are used in the off-road area.

Advantages of diagonal tires in the off-road area?

Reachstacker cross-ply tires Offroad Tuning cross-ply tires can almost only be seen on classic cars!

Diagonal tires have a very flexible tread, which is an advantage on muddy ground. Furthermore, the tires can adapt to uneven floors better than other tire variants. Diagonal tires are also interesting for use in the agricultural sector.

Are diagonal tires used as racing tires?

The newer generation of diagonal tires are used as racing tires. These tires also have little in common with the old bias tires. Diagonal tires that are manufactured nowadays have carcass plies that intersect at a much narrower angle.

What are the advantages of bias tires?

Diagonal tires have a high resistance on the side walls and are well protected against damage in the side area. This is an advantage on uneven surfaces, for example with sharp-edged stones. The tires also give a vehicle a high level of stability.

What are the disadvantages of bias tires?

Diagonal tires have a high rolling resistance. This resistance ensures that the tire warms up faster. The tires also lead to higher fuel consumption, which is why they are of no interest to the automotive industry and radial tires are therefore standard. Diagonal tires also have greater rigidity and are not considered comfortable.

More interesting information about bias tires

Diagonal tires have size designations that indicate the tire width in the first value. The tire width value is given in inches. If the size designation is 6.40-15, the first value means that the tires are 6,4 inches (162,56 mm) wide. The value in the rear area indicates the required rim diameter on an inch scale. The aspect ratio, which describes the flank height to the tire width, is not specified, but depends on the tire shape. The width dimensions can partly be derived from the tire shape.

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