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The right license plate for historic motorcycles?

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Vintage motorcycle license plate e1622873801963 The right license plate for historic motorcycles?

Especially collectors and lovers of old and historical motorcycles rarely drive the lovingly prepared machines on the streets. Usually such a trip is only used to get to a meeting or an event. Because restored gems are usually well protected from the weather and dirt in garages, cellars or halls. Because of this, one does permanent admission little point. However, in order to still be able to take part in road traffic with the machines, owners of historical machines have to choose the right license plate various possibilities. Legislators offer in particular for classic cars two types of admission at. There is the possibility of the known H-plates to choose or to use a red 07 license plate for the exit. The whole thing is taxed with one flat tax rate from 192 EUR for cars and 46 EUR for motorcycles.

H mark or 07 number

Above all, the well-known H mark has a purpose. It serves that Receipt of classic vehicles. Classic cars with H license plates also need it none Environmental badge and also have free travel in environmental zones. Since motorcycles have so far been exempt from the regulation of environmental zones, this advantage makes little sense, especially for motorcycles. There is also an H mark for bikers when it comes to insurance none special advantages. Because most insurance companies offer special and cheap rates for real classics anyway. And you can enjoy this even without an H mark.

Owners of several classic cars should therefore have one red 07 license plate think. Because according to §17 of the Admission Ordinance, oldtimers that take part in events that serve to present the oldtimers and the corresponding cultural property need for the arrival and departure no operating license or approvalif a red vintage license plate is attached. The same also applies to Test drives and transfers of vehicles. This also includes all journeys for the purpose of maintaining the vehicles. This is the reason for this red 07 license plate especially for collectors who only take part in meetings, rallies or other events irregularly and with different vehicles.

In principle, in this case of registration, several vehicles share one license plate. Of course, only ever a vehicle be moved. And the vehicles without license plates are allowed in this case not be parked in public spacewhich is generally an absurdity for collectors of classic vehicles anyway. The biggest advantage, however, lies in the fact that the regular general inspection is carried out on a 07 license plate not applicable. The red license plate must also include a red booklet, which must be carried. In this booklet, the vehicles and trips are documented and recorded, which are made with the red number.

Seasonal or short-term license plates - alternative for admission?

There is also another option to register your oldtimers or historic vehicles Season- or Kurzzeitkennzeichen. Here is an explanation of the details as well as the advantages and disadvantages of these forms of approval.

Seasonal license plates: A seasonal license plate is particularly suitable for vehicles which not all year round should be used. Logically, vintage cars would be approved from spring to autumn in order to protect the classic from ice, snow and road salt. This type of label can be recognized by the Month digits of admission. This license plate does not have to be re-applied for every year, it starts and ends automatically with the monthly digits. In addition, the vehicle tax is only due in the months of use. Since the end of 2017 there is also one Combination of seasonal and H license plates possible. This combination means double money savings for classic car owners.

Season square with logo The right license plate for historic motorcycles?
3D season indicator

Temporary registration: Opposite is the short-term license plate. This one has one Validity of five days and is therefore of particular interest for transfer journeys. Special advantage, the short-term license plate can be applied for anywhere. Not just in the place of residence.

day license plate short-term license plate KZK The right license plate for historic motorcycles?

How do you apply for a 07 license plate?

To at a 07 license plate Strict conditions in terms of originality and condition of the vehicle are necessary to get there. The corresponding vehicles must also at least 30 years old be. This was stipulated by the legislator in 2007 in the approval ordinance. This applies to both an H and a 07 license plate. With regard to the 30 years, however, the decisive factor is Day of first registration to dimension and not the year of construction. A special appraisal of the vehicle is required to be classified as a classic car. This is done by a recognized expert. With a 07 number plate, however, it should be noted that for each vehicle, for which the 07 license plate is requested, an extra one Classic car report must be available. To do this, the following requirements must be met:

  • You must be at least 30 years old.
  • The first registration counts, not the year of manufacture.
  • The originality of the vehicle must be guaranteed. Means 90% of the parts have to be original.
  • The overall appearance of the machine must be in a good and accident-free condition.

In addition to the vehicle, certain conditions are also placed on the owner. The following Documents must be available from the owner for the application:

  • The application for a 07 number plate must be submitted to the vehicle registration office.
  • In addition to the identity card, a police clearance certificate must be presented.
  • The matching vintage car report according to §23 StVZO.
  • A prior de-registration certificate for the vehicle.
  • Proof of ownership of the vehicle (registration certificate part II).
  • A suitable parking space for the vehicles must be proven.

If all these conditions are met, the registration office will issue the red vehicle registration booklet for the red license plates. Have the red license plates just Validity with the red vehicle registration booklet.

Vintage motorcycle license plate 07 License plate The right license plate for historic motorcycles?

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