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The end is approaching - Seasonal license plate for tuning vehicles

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Snow winter The end is approaching season flag on tuning vehicles

Snow and ice, the vehicle paint in one milky layer of road salt dived - for tuning fans the winter is often a dread. If you do not need your tuned baby daily or have a second car, you prefer to leave the car in the garage in winter. This is especially true when a lot of time and money has been invested in the tuning. In the past, it was common practice to deregister tuning cars over the winter, so nowadays the registration with seasonal license plates is the right choice.

Save on insurance and tax

Already since 1997 it is possible in Germany to admit vehicles by means of seasonal markings. With this type of approval, the vehicle is only allowed for a specific and contiguous period of the year, for example, only in the summer months. A cumbersome registration and deregistration of the vehicle is omitted, so that the seasonal approval especially for motorcycles, convertibles and tuned vehicles offers that are driven only in the summer. The approval period must be at least two months and a maximum of eleven months. During the registration-free period, the vehicle may not be moved on the road or parked in public traffic areas or parking lots. Nevertheless, it is insured at this time, for example in case of theft. Incidentally, when it comes to car insurance, there are often savings opportunities in the course of seasonal licensing. In addition, the vehicle tax only accrues for the registration period, no tax is payable for the non-admission period. If you only permit your car with seasonal registration from the beginning of May until the end of October, you will save half of the vehicle tax compared to the year-round registration. Please note that if you register for season tickets, the no-claims discount will only increase if the vehicle is registered for at least six months of the year.

Vehicle needs different license plates

season license plate The end seam season flag on tuning vehicles

The registration period is noted in the vehicle documents and on the license plates. The season period here is the letter and number combination of the plate attached, so imprinted on the right. If the previous license plate does not have more than seven digits, this is easily possible. In this case, the registration authorities even accept the registration of the registration number, so that there are eight vacancies for the season. If your license plate already has eight letters or digits, as is often the case in large cities or metropolitan areas, the licensing authority must assign a shorter combination for the season license plate. When changing to seasonal license plates, two new license plates usually have to be made. If you have a change anyway 3D Plate plan, then this would be the ideal time. Even 3D license plates, which are made of sturdy plastic instead of thin aluminum sheet, can easily be made as a season license plate.

3D License Plate Experience Tuning 4 1 The end of season tuning for tuning vehicles

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