Wednesday 27th October 2021

Singer Vehicle Design

Founded by Rob Dickinson 2009, Singer Vehicle Design of the United States specializes in providing the Porsche 911 to restore and optimize. The Porsche built by Singer Vehicle Design are very much in demand and, above all, sought after by Porsche enthusiasts. At first glance, the vehicles look like a classic car from the 60s or 70s, if you take a closer look, it quickly becomes clear that nothing here corresponds to the spirit of that time, except for the body. It is no coincidence that every vehicle that leaves the company of Dickinson, a trained car designer, spends more than 5000 working hours. What started as a one-man company has now grown into a business with 1 employees, including countless specialists for every area. What can be assumed from the number of hours worked, the vehicles from Singer Vehicle Design are not a bargain, the inclined enthusiast of these vehicles must expect around half a million dollars to join the rather exclusive club of owners of such a 100 can. There is more about the company