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Compare car insurance with!

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Compare car insurance with!

Anyone who has a car knows that this is an expensive pleasure and that it doesn't just cost a lot of money after a visit to the workshop. The regularly payable vehicle tax and the insurance also really cost money. But here too there is the possibility to save money. Many drivers do not yet know some trick that ends up leaving more cash in their wallets. We show you how you can save a lot of money around the car and even have a comparison calculator for car insurance online.

Car insurance comparison calculator

Compare car insurance with!

Have you indicated to your insurer that your offspring can also use the car and drive it regularly, but the child has long since moved out and drives his own car? In this case, be sure to have the offspring deleted from the insurance policy. The more people drive the car, the higher the insurance policy. Especially with young novice drivers you pay a lot here. Be sure to delete this point if your child is traveling in his own car.

2nd partial coverage often 25% cheaper

If you are ready to take on small damage yourself, the cheaper partial coverage is sufficient. In this insurance, you also avoid a downgrading to a higher insurance rate if there is a small accident damage. This can pay off, because partial coverage is up to 25% cheaper than full coverage. The costs can be varied even further by raising or lowering the deductible.

3. Stay loyal to the workshop

Some insurers offer their customers cheaper insurance if they are tied to a specific workshop. If this workshop is in your area, this point can be worthwhile for you. However, if you have a long drive to a given workshop, the financial advantage can be offset by high travel costs.

4. Those who drive less pay less

Compare car insurance with!

Do you often work from home and do a lot of walking? This not only protects the environment, but also your wallet, because if you drive less, regularly check the kilometers and notify the insurer, you may be able to pay significantly less than drivers who travel many kilometers each year. A regular look at the mileage can therefore pay off. Please note: The insurance company queries the mileage of the vehicle at regular intervals.

5. Pay regularly

Many know this trick, but shy away from the large sum at the beginning of the year. If you pay the entire sum insured for the year at once, you can save up to 10% compared to those who pay monthly installments. With a little luck you can get a bonus for the direct debit authorization granted and save an additional few euros. If the large sum is not possible, payment per quarter is recommended. The most unfavorable variant is often the monthly payment of the contributions.

6. Seasonal signs cheaper

Compare car insurance with!

If you only drive your car, for example a convertible or an athlete, in the warm summer months, you only have to pay for these months. Give that Seasonal license plates to the insurance company and pay nothing for the remaining months.

7. Seniors have the cars insured through their own children

The sum insured increases with age. Since seniors are more often involved in car accidents, the burden is higher. Simply register the car in the name of the adult children and save money.

8. Have the policy checked regularly

Compare car insurance with!

Make an appointment with your insurance broker once a year and have the policy checked for accuracy. Life circumstances can change over time, which can also affect insurance payments. Alternatively, use our car insurance comparison calculator and truthfully enter the requested data. The calculator immediately shows the most suitable tariffs for you and your vehicle.
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