Gallon vs. liter: simply convert fuel consumption

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With our Online Calculator the possible fuel consumption of vehicles can easily be calculated. And one too Conversion between different units is possible with our online calculator.

Thanks to the online calculator, you can quickly provide an answer to questions such as how much fuel a car uses per 100 kilometers or how far a car can travel on one liter of fuel. In addition, the fuel consumption of a US car, for example with 15mi / US liq. gal. is offered in the trade, can easily be calculated or converted.

Miles Per Gallon Vs. Liters Per 100 Km Co.

With the online calculator you can calculate all the information on fuel consumption between the various consumption units. To do this, you simply have to enter the consumption in the known unit, such as: 9 liters per 100 kilometers and then you can select the desired unit into which the consumption is to be converted, choose. But you can also use it in all consumption units display. The process is started with one click and in a few seconds you have the results for the desired unit or for all known consumption units.

Miles per gallon vs. liter per 100 km & Co.

Fuel consumption is one of the most important criteria when buying a car. Because for reasons of cost, to protect the environment and to comply with emission limits, economical vehicles are all the rage. A comparison between different vehicles is not always easy, however, as they are not the same in all countries Consumption units be used. While in most European countries the specification in liters per 100 kilometers occurs, for example, in Italy and Japan, fuel consumption is Kilometers per liter specified. In English-speaking countries, however, is used as a unit of consumption Miles per gallon used. In addition, they differed UK Imperial gallon (approx. 4,5 liters) of the US gallon (about 3,8 liters), which is why the fuel consumption in the UK with Miles Per Gallon (GB) and in America with Miles per Gallon (US) will specify. With our online calculator, all values ​​can be calculated quickly and easily.Reserve fuel gauge tank needle fuel

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