Saturday 24rd October 2020

Selfmade conversions / user pictures

Our category of selfmade conversions / user pictures shows you cars, which are extensively tuned and modified by private individuals. All brands and types of self-made cars can be seen here. From shiny Show & Shine specimens, Ratlook vehicles to absolute performance cars are available here. But also so-called Everytimer, classic cars and youngtimers are shown here, if they are tuned. The typical changes to such self-made cars are caused by the obstruction different Tuning Parts. So it can be the Japanese tuner Liberty Walk the fender flares are installed, at the same time carries the vehicle but a rear spoiler of Brabus and possibly a front spoiler from Startech, Of course, also missing new alloy wheels, extensive foliations and partially completely changed interiors in these cars often not. Especially extensive is the Variety of brands in this category. Whether Audi, VW, BMW, Mercedes, Honda, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Skoda, Seat, Volvo & Co., here is a particularly extensive volume of tuned vehicles available. This often shows that the quality of these conversions must be no worse than if a vehicle completely comes from the hands of just one tuner. But it is usually even more individual. And that's exactly what distinguishes Tuning. We even claim that these conversions sometimes outperform commercial tuner vehicles. The creativity and extravagance is just more pronounced.

Neon green Audi RS4 with 20-inch aluminum and stance tuning.

Neon green Audi RS4 20 inch Alus Stance Tuning Foil Head 310x165 Neon green Audi RS4 with 20 inch Alus and Stance Tuning.

The segment of mid-range station wagons is coming under increasing pressure in terms of sales figures. SUV models are increasingly replacing the practical everyday heroes, since in the eyes of many car buyers they are stylish and modern. The proportion of SUVs is increasing, especially among German premium manufacturers ...

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