Honda - the JapanBMW for sporty natures. In the year 1937, the Japanese Soichiro Honda founded his own company, after he worked as a tuner and mechanic at the Art Shokai Garage and designed cars for racing use. The company, called Tokai Seiki, which was initially located in the Art Shokai Garage, made piston rings for internal combustion engines. The later archrival Toyota was at this time the main buyer of the young company. Honda's first car was the small pickup called T360, which went on sale in August, 1963. Shortly thereafter followed with the S500 the first small sports car of the young brand. In the following decades, Honda was able to steadily expand its product range and export its vehicles to more and more countries around the world. Today, Honda is Japan's second-largest carmaker, behind Toyota, and the eighth largest automaker in the world. The brand also plays a major role in vehicle tuning, as the brand enjoys a great reputation among JDM fans worldwide. Tuning plays a big role in the Civic, but older models like the Prelude or the Integra should not be missing at any Japan Tuning meeting.