Sunday, April 14, 2024

Mini (BMW Group)

The MINI brand was 2001 by the BMW Group launched as a remake of the very first miniser of British Leyland Motor Corporation. Since its introduction, this car is enjoying growing popularity, not only in Germany, but worldwide sales are increasing (via 300.000 in the year 2012). The tuning scene also features great shows and unusual creations. The design of the minis is absolutely predestined for a detailed vehicle tuning. Meanwhile, the vehicle is developed in the third generation and offered in addition to a five-door, as a convertible variant. The demand for electric propulsion was also heard by BMW, after a long development time from the middle of 2019 the "Mini E" is produced in England and then brought to the market. At the same time there will be a sporty version of the Mini E as well. Unforgettable is also the racing series "Mini Challenge". This was played between 2004 and 2011 by BMW (2012 - 2013 under the name "Mini Trophy").