Wednesday 20th October 2021


If you want to tune your car, you are usually looking for a suitable tuning workshop. Autotuning is a matter of trust and should only be done by an experienced workshop. Many workshops have specified on certain vehicles or on a particular tuning offer. Maxi-Tuner is a company of Andreas Schmidt Technik. Andreas Schmidt Technik is a well-known manufacturer of exhaust systems for cars. The company has been developing high quality sports exhaust systems for about 20 years. The exhaust systems are also produced by Andreas Schmidt Technik. Maxi tuner by Andreas Schmidt Technik. The offer of Maxi-Tuner is aimed at car dealers, tuning enthusiasts and private vehicle owners. Maxi tuner developed, in addition to sports exhaust systems made of stainless steel, for all modern petrol and diesel tuning needs for performance. The company Andreas Schmidt Technik is recognized by the Kraftfahrtbundesamt as a manufacturer of exhaust systems for passenger cars. The stainless steel sports exhaust systems are for example for the car brands BMW, MINI and Porsche developed. The company works for the customer from the idea to the manufactured tuning product and beyond. There is more about the company