Friday 22nd October 2021


Pontiac was a car brand that belonged to General Motors in the USA. The first Pontiac was built 1926. Meanwhile, Pontiac, in debt due to financial difficulties, was taken off the market. The last car rolled 2010 off the line. Within the GM Group Pontiac stood for the sporty middle class. They still combine sportiness and freedom today and stand for high-performance cars with a historical character. The Pontiac Firebird is particularly well-known through films such as "The Hunter". Pontiacs are very popular in the auto tuning scene. The tuning on these vehicles has no limits here. Tuning fans can let their individuality run free. Both technically and visually, the tuning options are multifaceted. The Pontiac Firebird Trans AM is a prime example and sets the bar for auto tuning quite high. It develops over 1.400 hp and cracks the 400 km / h mark. But the usual Pontiacs are still considered sports cars for everyone. Well-preserved specimens are very popular with collectors and enthusiasts.