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First aid kit / first aid kit - it has to be put in!

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First aid kit / first aid kit - it has to be put in!

A small box with potential Save lives - of First aid-Crate. However, this potential can only be achieved with full content be exhausted. In addition, according to StvO § 35h, Paragraph 3 discord be carried in the car so that in an emergency, first responders can successfully initiate life-saving measures. What the box contains and how to use its contents will now be explained.

1. The first aid kit in the car and at work is compulsory

As already described, the first aid kit is in the car to carry with you. In addition, it must be marked with a conspicuous white cross on a green background in the office and on the factory floor. In operation, the first aid kits are divided into two types: Den small First aid kit the DIN 13157 standard and the large first aid kit of the DIN 13169.

2. Check the expiration date for the dressing material

The expiry date The bandages, plasters and compresses must not be exceeded under any circumstances, as the adhesive properties of the plaster and the compresses decrease no longer sterile could be. Therefore, the dressing materials must always be checked and if necessary to exchange. Legally, be Fines (€) imposed for expired dressing materials.

3. Contents and use of the materials in the first aid kit

The Contents the first aid kit is also after each use to check. Because used bandages must be removed immediately refilled become. Legally speaking, there is a threat Fine of 10 EURif the first aid kit not is carried with the entire content. The content of the first aid kit is determined by the norm DIN 13164 certainly. The following list corresponds to the DIN 13164 standard and therefore shows all the important components of the first aid kit in the car:

  1. First aid booklet
    The first aid brochure describes how to behave at the scene of the accident and what measures should be taken.
  2. Triangular cloth
    The triangular scarf is used for fixation, padding and as a carrying aid. It can be used for hand, elbow, knee and shoulder injuries. Due to the risk of infection, the triangular cloth not can be used on open wounds.
  3. Ready-made plaster set
    The ready-made plaster set consists of four first-aid bandages, as well as two fingertip bandages, two finger bandages, two plaster strips 12 x 2 cm, four plaster strips 2,5 x 7,2 cm and four plaster strips 1,9 x 7,2 cm.
  4. wipes
    There are two wet wipes for cleaning the skin.
  5. Fixation bandages
    Two fixation bandages 4 mx 6 cm, three fixation bandages 4 mx 8 cm. The fixation bandages are intended to hold the bandages in place.
  6. sticking plaster
    A spool of adhesive plaster that is spooled 5 mx 2,5 cm long.
  7. Sterile compress
    The sterile compress is used as a direct wound dressing to stop the bleeding and protect against infection.
  8. Medical gloves
    The medical gloves are designed to protect the rescuer from infection through contact with the injured person's blood.
  9. emergency blanket
    The rescue blanket is silver on one side and gold on one side. If the injured person is cold, she has to golden foil pointing outwards. The rescue blanket is 210 x 160 cm and serves not only to regulate the temperature but also to protect against water and wind.
  10. First aid kit scissors
    The clothes around the wound are cut open with scissors so that the wound can be treated without any obstacles. In addition, the scissors save Top. The nature of the scissors is chosen so that the helper does not further injure the injured person.
  11. Bandage pack
    Once in a small size (bandage package K, 3 mx 6 cm, compress 6 x 8 cm), twice in medium size (bandage package M, 4 mx 6 cm, compress 8 x 10 cm), once in a large size (bandage package G, 4 mx 10 cm, compress 10 x 12 cm). When caring for a wound will be the sterile compress placed on the wound. The sterile bandage pack is then used to hold the compress in place. It is intended to treat small and medium-sized wounds.
  12. Bandages
    The two bandages are used to cover large areas of injuries, such as burns or abrasions, with minimal germs.

First aid kit expired when?

5 years! The Expiry Date You always have to keep an eye on the first aid kit and you should keep the kit 2 x in the year check. A first-aid kit usually lasts about 5 years. Then it has to be replaced. That is why it is important that expiry date to keep an eye on. In addition to the fine, the expired first aid kit can also cause problems with the Main inspection . make

First aid kit / first aid kit - it has to be put in!

What do you do with the expired first aid kit?

You have to not throw it away, but can donate it to aid organizations such as the DRK, the Maltese or the local fire brigade. The old bandages are used there, for example, for exercises or for training purposes. If you cannot find a buyer, simply dispose of the old box in the residual waste.

What does a first-aid kit for the vehicle cost?

The first choice for first aid starts at around € 5 and should cost a maximum of € 20. These variants are sufficient for the layperson.

Where can I buy a first aid kit?

The first aid kit can be bought in every pharmacy, in various car accessory shops, in every authorized workshop, at petrol stations and of course on the Internet.

First aid kit / first aid kit - it has to be put in!

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First aid kit / first aid kit - it has to be put in!

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First aid kit / first aid kit - it has to be put in!

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First aid kit / first aid kit - it has to be put in!

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First aid kit / first aid kit - it has to be put in!

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