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Prewashing the car with foam? Helpful or unnecessary?

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Prewashing the car with foam? Helpful or unnecessary?

How do you wash your car properly and how do you best prepare the car for the subsequent car wash? We have a little with our contribution "Car wash / hand wash / car wax - this is how it works!“Already lit up. Today, however, it is specifically about the foam walk! Since the Carsinwäsche is an important part of the actual car wash, since in this step the coarse dirt is first removed from the car and thus fewer scratches can occur, foam is an important part. Without it, the dirt that is stuck on the paint is pulled over the car paint. However, this step can only be classified as useful if the right products should be used.

Prewash with the help of foam!

The pre-wash to clean, prevent and reduce scratches should be done using a foam and a shampoo be performed. There are two different types of laundry with regard to the use of foam. On the one hand it can be done manually and on the other hand as Attachment for a high pressure cleaner be used.

Prewashing the car with foam? Helpful or unnecessary?

The products should be a Foamer or Form Lance Snow shape and the right one shampoo can be used. The mix of products is also crucial. First the Foam sprayer unscrewed and a liter of tap water poured into it. After this step, a few milliliters of the snow foam and a shot of the shampoo should be added.

countless products available on the market

There are both price and categorical differences between the products. The foamer usually works manually so the pressure has to be inflated manually. The inserts for the high-pressure cleaner help with physical work. The Snow Foam, on the other hand, provides the foam that is used for actual cleaning. The last product is the shampoo. The shampoo removes the loosened dirt from the car. This is with the Two-bucket principle used. One of the two buckets is filled with shampoo, while the other remains empty. The empty bucket is used to pour off excess liquid.

Importance of the foam

If only water and shampoo are put into the flush valve, the mixture flows off directly on the car and the shampoo does not have time to soften the dirt on the car paint. Also should save normal pressure sprayers from the hardware store can be used, as they do not have the special filter and thus only generate a normal straight water jet. At first glance, the flush valves appear to be quite expensive. However, they can convince with their long shelf life. They can usually be used for 10 years. The nozzles need to be cleaned or the filters replaced only in between. The foam products, on the other hand, are cheaper and also take a long time. You can use it just as often. For these reasons, the pre-cleaning of the car with the foam is an essential step in the wash.

Prewashing the car with foam? Helpful or unnecessary?

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Prewashing the car with foam? Helpful or unnecessary?

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Prewashing the car with foam? Helpful or unnecessary?

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Prewashing the car with foam? Helpful or unnecessary?

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