All you need to know about convex rims!

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2020 VW Golf 8 GTI MK8 K custom HR Deep 7 Everything you need to know about convex rims!
on 20 inch KX1 rims

It is true concave rims Right now very much in vogue and will definitely stay that way for longer. But if you are looking for something different are, then could convex rims be an option for you. The term "convex" comes from the Latin word "convexus" and means something like arched or arched or rounded outwards. This means that if a body or rim is convex, the center protrudes further than the outer parts. In the case of rims it looks like that the rims arise at the outermost edge of the rim flange, subsequently bulge outwards and again by a kink open in the center of the rim. Convex rims are also characterized by their precise design and sporty lines and are far more than eighty-fifteen.

Convex rims underline the design of sports vehicles and look cool.

Can have convex rims on the curb more easily damaged will? Initially, when the first convex rims were presented, there were serious concerns about their susceptibility to damage. Yet these concerns are not authorized, the manufacturers have thought with them, because the bulbous part of the rims usually only starts at a height of 15 to 20 centimeters. Thus, even sidewalks or Washing systems no problem. In addition, convex rims also fit more braking systems.

mbDESIGN KX1 convex rim Everything you need to know about convex rims!
the mbDESIGN KX1 is such a "convex" rim

Overview of convex rims

Basically, we are of the opinion that even with concave rims there are still between concave and convex spokes must be distinguished. Because only that Spokes make the difference File

Let's take a few standard rims from BMW: Using original BMW rims like the one Star spoke 95, the Star spoke 128, the M radial spoke 166 or the M double spoke 167 we want to show you the topic. Namely, these apply fundamentally as concave, since the curvature of the spokes from the rim flange to the center area is assumed. So from the outside in. The star spokes bulge quite a bit concavewhile the M spokes convex run up. Therefore, convex rims are theoretically also with high ET possible, see also the mbDESIGN KX1.

Our conclusion: There is one between convex and concave clear difference. Convex means that the curve goes outwards, so to speak away from rims and vehicle.

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BMW X2 F39 Airride Maxclusive mbDesign Tuning 2 Everything you need to know about convex rims!

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