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Can the start-stop system be permanently deactivated?

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Start stop system SSAM deactivation module Can the start stop system be permanently deactivated?

Meanwhile, many new cars are already ex works with a so-called Start-stop system, SSA or stop-start system for short. While many drivers are dissatisfied with the system, they can can not be switch off permanently, as it is at every TÜV appointment must work. Although the system cannot be switched off permanently, it can be switched off with the simple press of a button disabled become. However, it is activated again the next time the engine is started automatically. As a result, the drivers sometimes forget to switch off all the time. The system can be particularly annoying if you forget to switch off the SSA and the engine of your vehicle automatically switches off when turning on a busy road. In the worst case, this could also lead to an accident.

The automatic start-stop module can permanently deactivate the start-stop function

Through a Start-stop automatic memory module is it possible to switch off the start-stop function or to deactivate permanently.
Although the SSA function is also supported by a Recoding (for example by means of VCDS) disabled this represents a bigger one Intervention in the vehicle electronics and can often cause other error messages as well. Hence such an intervention can not be recommended, especially because SSA is recoded when required no longer switched on can be.

As mentioned, this works better with a start-stop automatic memory module (SSAM), in which the existing button for deactivating SSA, for example, by a Memory function is expanded. The memory module makes the last used setting automatically adopted by the vehicle each time it is restarted. So you have to can not be press the key to deactivate each time it is restarted. Another advantage of the memory module is that you can use the module again at any time with a key combination deactivate lässt and the factory behavior of the SSA can be restored. Thus constitutes such a SSAM module is an intelligent and inexpensive way of deactivating the automatic start-stop system in the car if necessary. The function has a gentle effect on the engine (turbocharger), especially after long motorway journeys, since lubrication is not interrupted.

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Deactivate the start-stop system without coding

An automatic start-stop memory module also solves other problems. The start-stop system cannot be deactivated if (depending on the vehicle), for example, that too Body control module is exchanged. Another disadvantage of all systems is that they are potentially bound. This means that they are either only switched to plus 12V or ground, although some vehicles read the control buttons with CAN or LIN bus. In addition, the voltage of 5 or even only 3.3V can be much lower than with the modules with 12V, some of which are offered online. For this reason, these options usually remain erfolglos.

Is it legal to switch off or recode the automatic start-stop system?

The Recoding the start-stop system is legally. It is true that the consumption values ​​of the vehicle are measured when the automatic start-stop system is activated and it could be switched off permanently Deviations have as a consequence. However, the consumption is also increased by switching on the Air conditioning or by others Tire dimensions influenced. So make your way by deactivating the automatic start-stop not punishableOtherwise it would be tax evasion if you turn on the air conditioning.

VCDS Pro basic kit diagnosis interface device tuning 5 Can the start-stop system be permanently deactivated?

The memory coding ultimately only changes the Starting state of the vehicle, which could also be changed manually every time. The BMW M Group even offers coding itself using an FA code. With the AG models from BMW, the coding can also be entered quickly. At AMG, the automatic start-stop system is part of the sports program switched off automatically.

Can consumption be reduced with the automatic start-stop system?

A scientific study was able to find out that the automatic start-stop actually generates fuel can be saved. The study measured the additional consumption during the starting process and the consumption when idling. From the values ​​it was determined that switching off the engine can bring savings after many seconds. Mostly it is assumed that the engine is only to be stopped from one minute brings a saving in consumption. But this is wrong, then already from 7 seconds, the fuel consumption is definitely lower. Taking into this calculation other factors such as Engine, battery or starter wear can not be were included.

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Can the start-stop system be permanently deactivated?

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go Can the start-stop system be permanently deactivated?

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