VCDS and what you should know about the software! (including tutorial)

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VCDS Pro Basic Kit Diagnostic Interface Device Tuning VCDS and what you should know about the software! (including tutorial)

VCDS, also known as VAG-COM, is a diagnostic system that is based on Windows and is used to diagnose and set cars from Volkswagen AG. Volkswagen AG passenger vehicles include Seat, Skoda, Bentley, Lamborghini, Porsche, Bugatti and Audi. The software can also be used for cars from cooperation partners of the brands mentioned, such as for the Bentley Continental GT or a Porsche 911. The components from the VAG kit are used by the car manufacturers in the vehicles. The software is produced by Ross-Tech, constantly updated and maintained. As the software is updated, more and more car models are added to the database. The first beta version was released and released in 2000. Ross-Tech even launched a free version of the software. However, it is only suitable for older car models because there is no support from the CAN bus.

VCDS function

VCDS Pro Basic Kit Diagnostic Interface Device Tuning 4 VCDS and what you should know about the software! (including tutorial)

VCDS primarily contains the functions of VAG's own diagnostic devices, which are manufacturer-specific. The diagnostic devices are VAG 1551/1552 and VAS 5051/5052/5053, with the exception of the software update of the control units and the guided function / troubleshooting. Thanks to the support of CAN bus, current vehicles are also supported. With the help of a graphical user interface, the software enables access to the individual control units installed in the vehicle. The error codes are decoded and their meaning is displayed on the screen.

even more information about VCDS software

In addition, reading out and deleting the error codes, reading the individual measured values, basic settings (for example to activate test routines), Final control diagnosis (to activate outputs for the function test) coding and adaptation with VCDS possible. Different auxiliary programs are included, such as a program for displaying and checking the dynamic start of injection for TDI engines with a distributor injection pump.

Advantages of the VCDS system

VCDS Pro Basic Kit Diagnostic Interface Device Tuning 5 VCDS and what you should know about the software! (including tutorial)

VCDS offers a wide range of functions with which numerous diagnostic work on the vehicle can be carried out quickly and easily. A huge number of error codes and their explanation / diagnosis / rectification are supported by VCDS. VCDS is suitable for both private customers and workshops, especially with regard to the price-performance ratio. In addition, updates to the VCDS system are free of charge. The autoscan, which is available in VCDS, offers a list and documentation of the status of installed control units. The software supports checking or changing the coding of the installed control units with a self-explanatory assistant. This makes working with VCDS particularly easy.

the counterpart to VCDS is called ODIS and comes from Volkswagen

The adjustments that are made to the control units are written down in VCDS so that the work steps can be traced and corrected. The access authorization codes for adjustment changes as well as coding are displayed immediately and are immediately available. Measured values ​​recorded with the software can be displayed graphically in diagrams. You can also compare the measured values ​​with the setpoints because the setpoints are stored in the system. In this way you can check whether the measured values ​​are within the tolerable range or not. It is also possible to read out engine errors and measured values ​​in numerous vehicles that are not part of the VW group.

countless possibilities with VCDS

VCDS Pro Basic Kit Diagnostic Interface Device Tuning 6 e1596456353756 VCDS and what you should know about the software! (including tutorial)
Eyelashes with turn signals

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in summary everything about VCDS:

  • VCDS offers a huge range of functions for diagnostic work
  • Reading and displaying are shown in plain text
  • VCDS can also be used to read out new vehicles
  • Starting price for private users as well as workshops
  • Updates are free
  • Diagnostic interface offers free support via various channels
  • Interfaces such as HEX-CAN USB or AI Multiscan can be bought used
  • HEX-V2 / HEX-NET supports all vehicles of the VW group
  • Compared to HEX-V2, HEX-NET can also be operated wirelessly via WLAN (both interface variants are available in a professional variant or enthusiast / hobby variant)
  • HEX-CAN USB & ai Multiscan USB + CAN are discontinued models (Vehicles younger than approx. 2015 can therefore only be diagnosed and coded inadequately)
  • VCDS without VIN can:
    - Create auto-scans
    - View / delete fault memory
    - View measured values ​​/ measured value blocks
    - Create ECU images (Adpmaps)
  • With FIN, VCDS can:
    - Adjustments - make basic settings
    - Make coding
    - Change the gateway installation list
    - Enter access authorizations
    - Perform actuator diagnostics
    - Set readiness of the engine control unit
    - Reset service interfall
    - Make changes to the transport mode
  • VCDS Autoscan allows listing and documentation of the status of all control units
  • Checking or changing the coding is supported by self-explanatory wizards
  • Any adjustments made to control units are recorded
  • Access authorization codes for coding and adjustment changes are displayed
  • Measured values ​​can be shown graphically in diagrams
  • Comparison with target values ​​possible
  • many vehicles that do not belong to the VW group can be read out

The following instructions / tutorials should explain the basic knowledge of VCDS:

 VCDS basic knowledge / the basics

VCDS - installation and activation

VCDS Tutorial | So you code correctly!

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