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Surely one or the other has already seen this sticker on a car. "F7lthy". With a little imagination, or some knowledge of Leetspeak, this reads as "Filthy". Filthy is English and means something like dirty or dirty. As so often, there is another meaning behind it. It's a crew that has evolved to move in the tuning scene. Some will even call F7lthy a philosophy, others as artificial hype about a brand.

Where can I find F7lthy?

F7lthy Customs Explanation Meaning Tuning

The hashtag #whatsnext explains F7lthy on Instagram and on the website as the counterpart to perfection. The lines of modern vehicles are getting smoother. Details are omitted, the design and style of some tuners is increasingly moving in the direction of "clean". No unnecessary details, minimalist designs and, if possible, a matt finish.

F7lthy is definitely not!

Tesla Model 3 series floor

For example, if you look at one Tesla on, you have the counterpart to F7lthy. Every detail was rationalized away at Elektro-Ami. Instead of controls, there is a large on-board computer with a touchscreen. Instead of rear-view mirrors, there are side cameras. Exhaust: none, as well as spoiler, grille or decorations on the bonnet. F7lthy has declared war on sterile designs and artificial perfection. From the community of those with a passion for speed, beauty and more artificial expression. Those for whom a Nissan Skyline GTR is nothing to dream about, but something to tune. F7lthy sees itself as an echo of reality. F7lthy is a call to all rebels and those who want to become one. Never go the normal way, never be completely predictable. You should forge the direction you take and chase your own dreams with the F7lthy mentality.

Is Germany getting “dirty” too?

It is not yet certain whether the trend will spill over to Germany. If you try Google Trends - an analysis of the popularity of certain search words - you get a lively interest in F7lthy from March 2015 to today. Not in Europe, however, but in the USA and the North American continent. Mainly in Canada. No wonder when you read up how F7lthy came about.

F7lthy and the origins

Ultra fat Nissan R 35 Gt R Do

“JJ Dubec” tries to describe what F7lthy actually is on his blog. He describes himself as its creator. In 2014 he went viral with his LibertyWalk GT-R build and was active in the Vancouver R35 GTR scene. At a gas station someone said to him "Man, your cars are straight FILTHY"! He then replied that he would steal the phrase.

"When accelerating, the tears of emotion must flow horizontally towards the ear"- (Walter Röhrl)

For him, F7lthy definitely represents tuned supercars, like his Nissan GT-R. But much more, the doctor wants to use it to attack the sterile and clean environment in which he was raised and to create a lifestyle. He says that most of those who have a Ferrari 458 would never modify it because it is clean and perfect as it is. Something to look at, clean and admire. Something to identify with. He doesn't mind thinking that way, but he, JJ Dubec, couldn't stand it. He wants to modify his car opportunities, Customize, he wants to do it F7lthy. Put his personal touch on him. When he noticed that people on Instagram and Facebook were talking about F7lthy, he was suddenly showered with requests for t-shirts and stickers. So he started designing the logo and building a webshop with merchandise. F7lthy is legally harmless. If you stick something like that on your car, wear T-shirts or caps, you risk maximum amazed looks. As a first tuning measure, however, such a sticker is not suitable, since you would rather parody yourself. Basically for all vehicles, historically, of course, the expression best suits supercars, i.e. PS cars that have been modified. If you want to get to know the F7lthy crew, you should get into a Nissan GT R and jet off to Vancouver and Seattle.

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