One or the other has certainly seen an F7lthy sticker on a car. F7lthy stands for Filthy and that means something like dirty or dirty. But here the meaning is different. It is a crew that has developed into a movement in the tuning scene over the past few years. F7lthy sees itself as a counterpart to perfection and F7lthy therefore repeatedly shows crazy vehicles in cooperation with other partners. Notable cars are a +1.000 horsepower Mercedes 190 Evo II as "Evil Evo" and of course the vehicle that started it all Nissan R-35 GT-R (Doczilla) by Dr. JJ Dubec as Liberty Walk remodeling. Mainly f7lthy merchandising sells products such as caps, shirts or stickers with F7lthy branding. The f7lthy trend spills over to Germany. Here too, more and more tuning enthusiasts want to pursue the F7lthy mentality. There is more about F7lthy on the website: f7lthy.net