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Shiny alloy wheels are for car lovers Got to. So that you no longer have to deal with dirt and burnt-in brake dust as often in the future, we have put together a few household remedies for you to clean aluminum rims. Brilliantly shiny aluminum puts your car in a better light. But so that the alloy wheels are always clean and shiny, you have to invest some time and update them regularly Dirt and brake dust to free. Especially Brake dust, which tends to stick to the rims due to the heat when braking, is usually difficult to remove. Thanks to a few home remedies, you can get this problem under control much better. In this article we will show you which home remedies they are and how you should use them:

How to properly clean aluminum rims!

Autowaesche pressure washer instructions for rims

In principle, the rims can of course also be fitted with a conventional one wheel cleaner to be cleaned. To do this, you first have to attach the rims to a Pressure Washer hose down thoroughly or with a wet one sponge clean. You can then spray the rim cleaner on and let it work for a few minutes. Finally, run a brush or a cotton cloth over the aluminum rims and you're done. Before wintering, the rims should also be coated with a special rim sealant be sprayed. The following articles deal with the topics just mentioned:

Which rim cleaner is the right one?

Rim cleaners with a high acid content are bad for aluminum rims. On the other hand, they are more suitable All Purpose cleaner from specialist retailers, which are usually sufficient to remove dirt from the rims. However, it is crucial to use the right product for the right rims. Avoid cleaning agents acetone, as these attack the paint.

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Insider tip: clean aluminum rims with oven spray!

Instead of using a special cleaner, rims can also be polished to a shine using simple household remedies. Cleaning is quick and easy if you have one Oven spray use. As soon as the coarsest dirt has been removed from the rims, you can dry the rims and then apply the spray. The oven cleaner should be used for 15 to 30 minutes act. After that, the rims only have to be hosed down with a hose or wiped off with a wet sponge. The following articles deal with the topics just mentioned:

Oven spray oven cleaner aluminum rims

Clean the rims with toothpaste!

Surprisingly, you can with Toothpaste not only clean your teeth, but also the rims of your car. But the toothpaste is allowed no friction particles included if you also want to use them to clean aluminum rims. To clean the rims, simply rub the toothpaste over the rims with a cloth. You will see the dirt come off quickly and mix with the toothpaste. During cleaning, it is best to dip the sponge in clean water and squeeze it out. The sponge is allowed be neither too wet nor too dry. After thorough cleaning, simply rinse the rims with clean water. The following articles deal with the topics just mentioned:

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more tips and tricks for cleaning aluminum rims:

  • use powerful cleaners like oven spray
  • apply a protective sealer after cleaning
  • choose the right cleaner
    – Rim cleaner to remove dust and dirt
    – Rim cleaning spray is usually sufficient (for the care of aluminum rims, the can should be enough for three to four cleanings)
  • Tip: applying conventional rim cleaners can damage the rim
  • use oven spray for stubborn grease and stains (oven cleaner)
    – Apply spray
    – Dirt dissolves in a few minutes
    – Oven cleaners are available in all supermarkets and drugstores for a few euros
  • Vinegar and lemon juice as cleaning options
    – Put distilled water in a spray bottle and add white vinegar or lemon juice
    – spray the mixture onto the rims
  • Tip: remove particularly dirty rims and soak with household cleaner for 10 to 20 minutes
  • Use cleaners effectively
    – Pre-wash the wheel
    – at best with a hose and high-pressure attachment or adjustable nozzle
    – Spray the wheel with cleaning product
    – Remove wheel hubs with plastic covers beforehand
    – Allow the cleaning agent to take effect for one to two minutes
    – Spray all wheels in one go
    – scrub and rinse them off one at a time
    – clean with a soft-bristled brush (in small circles)
    - alternatively clean with a rim brush or rim brush (alternatively old toothbrush)
    – Clean the brush in a bucket of warm water every few minutes
    – Rinse the wheels thoroughly
    – Wipe the wheels dry with a microfiber cloth (from top to bottom)
  • protect clean rims with a seal
    – use sealing products for aluminum rims
    – the product must be demonstrably suitable for aluminum rims
    – Rim seals are available as a spray and as a wax
  • Tip: Use high gloss finish
    – Apply sealing to the rim surface with a car polishing pad
    – for a spray seal, hold the can about 15 centimeters away and spray evenly
    – use a soft car sponge or microfiber cloth to help (if no polishing pad is available)
    – Allow the sealing compound to harden for 30 minutes
    – always work outdoors or in an open garage
    – Polish the rims with a microfiber cloth (small circular movements over the surfaces)
  • Clean aluminum rims every week or two (or as often as possible).
  • do not use brushes with hard bristles or steel wool

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