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Now it's getting hot - the importance of the hot rod

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Hot Rod Choppen Top Chop Tuning Now it's getting hot The importance of the Hot Rod

These vehicles belong to the mother of all tuning cars in the tuning scene, and are characteristic of the United States like no other automobile. We're talking about Hot Rods! This type of tuning vehicle has been around since the end of the Second World War and is still an integral part of the scene today. There are certain characteristics that make these vehicles so special and unique.

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That marks Hot Rods

Real hot rods are exceptional tuned American vehicles from the years between 1920 and 1940. The meaning of the name hot rod is still controversial. Some say the name stands for hot connecting rods, others say hot rod means a hot pistol because the vehicles are as dangerous as a pistol. The fact is that the name makes it clear that there is a lot of power involved in the vehicles. The vehicles were originally used to drive acceleration races in a cost-effective way. This is how drag racing came about after the Second World War. Classically, one of the old Ford models was tuned, for example the Model A or Model B. The engines were replaced by more powerful units in order to achieve better times during the race. Nowadays, hot rods are tuned far more elaborately.

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The tuning of a hot rod

Over time, original base vehicles for hot rods from the years between 1920 and 1940 became real collectibles, which is why there are only a limited number to buy. For this reason, modern hot rods often come directly from a body builder. This creates the body shape so that the car looks as if it were from the original hot rod era. The tuning starts with replacing the standard engine with a powerful, large V8 engine. Then unnecessary body parts are removed from the vehicle. The owner of the hot rod wants to reduce the weight, since the vehicle weight is of course also a factor for the acceleration values.

Berliner Buick VW Beetle Tuning HotRod 34 It's getting hot The importance of the hot rodHowever, there are several types of Hot Rod tuners. Some go so far as to sand down the paint of their vehicle to save weight. This visually reflects the original look of the vehicle and leads to better times. Others go for vehicle weight compromises, refine the look but with special paint or chrome. In addition, the roof of the vehicle is often lowered. Of course, the entire car is lowered by a new chassis. The meaning behind it is the lower air resistance. Today you can distinguish between various styles in the Hot Rod world. So every tuner will find something to suit his taste.

However, you could now start to differentiate the world of hot rods even more. There are numerous styles here. For example, there is the “Council Rods“Those with their optics most likely to match the“Rats"Can be compared. It continues with "People Rods"As a representative of the automobile manufacturer of the same name and also"Old School Rods","Retro rods","Resto Rods"Or"Street Rods“Are well known terms in the scene.

hot rod by sbarrow 4 Now it's getting hot The importance of the hot rod

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