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More safety at the wheel - apps make driving safer!

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Wrong-way driver app Autobahn Auto More safety at the wheel Apps make driving safer!

Can cell phone apps for more security worry on the streets? Actually, the opposite is actually the case, isn't it? It is not for nothing that the catalog of fines writes on the subject Telephone at the wheel sometimes draconian punishments. But there is one Difference! For example, by doing before Ghost drivers to warn. In 2020 alone, the ADAC registered 1.700 reports of wrong-way drivers, which is an average of 5 wrong-way drivers per day. This resulted 61 accidents and 11 deaths. While the warning messages were previously only communicated by radio stations, today the wrong-way drivers are registered by automatic systems and a corresponding message is sent to the cell phone in the car.

numerous providers for apps

Bosch is one of the providers of such systems. If you install the Bosch software on your smartphone, you will receive a warning within a few seconds. Whether the user is there even Has driven wrongly on the autobahn or whether another vehicle is coming towards him in his lane plays a role not matter. Incidentally, Bosch technology is the basis of many apps, such as that of private and public radio stations, but also of special traffic apps such as Biker SOS and Co. The location data of the vehicle is transferred from the mobile phone to the cloud and a warning is issued as soon as a car drives onto a motorway in the wrong direction all road users in the endangered route area.

Drink driving drunk driving penalties accident crash e1592731960900 More safety behind the wheel Apps make driving safer!

many other functions available

In addition to wrong-way drivers, the smartphone can also advance smoothness, Hochwasser, Storm or Accidents involving dangerous goods to warn. The app from the German Weather Service sounds the alarm, for example, when storms, lightning, ice or heavy rain are approaching. Also Flood reports You can get it on your smartphone with the app "My levels" possible. The app shows flood levels and forecasts for more than 2.500 measuring points. Due to storms, hail, heavy rain and floods, according to insurance statistics, around in 2019 900 million euros in damage. The trend is increasing, although many drivers could have brought their vehicle to safety in good time if they had been warned in good time. And if an app is an expensive and time-consuming one, for example Hail damage avoid it, why not install it?

Information can be stored in the system

Anyone who wants to be prepared in the event of an accident can all data Save from blood group to previous illnesses on special emergency apps in the smartphone. If the worst comes to the worst, the emergency services have quick access to your health profile. Below is a small list of well-known warning and emergency apps that make your journey safer.

radio Player

Radioplayer app e1618553925395 More safety at the wheel Apps make driving safer!Warning function in connection with entertainment. The app plays your favorite radio station and at the same time warns of wrong-way drivers. Even if you become a wrong-way driver yourself, the app sounds the alarm. The danger reports get better and more accurate the more drivers use the app. Free for Android and iOS.

Emergency ID

Emergency ID app More safety at the wheel Apps make driving safer!The premium version of this app costs a one-time fee of 6,90 euros. The app sends emergency calls and SMS. However, it is only available for Android. All health data is saved by the user. If the worst comes to the worst, the health insurance, medication to be taken, various allergies, blood group and illnesses can be called up by the helpers.

Biker SOS

Biker SOS app e1618553969757 More safety at the wheel Apps make driving safer!The App Biker SOS serves as a touring app and offers route recording and warning of wrong-way drivers. With the paid pro version (49,90 EUR / year), accidents are automatically reported to an emergency center and the current position is transmitted via GPS. This function is also useful for drivers. The app also provides the helpers with important medical information about the driver. Free for Android and iOS.


HandHelp app e1618553383645 More safety at the wheel Apps make driving safer!Rescue workers and police are alerted via the virtual, blue emergency call button on the smartphone. The location takes place via GPS, radio and WLAN. Evidence can be saved with a photo function. A created emergency profile provides the helpers with the information they need. Personal contacts can also be provided at an additional cost. Free for Android and iOS.

Emergency help

Emergency help app More safety at the wheel Apps make driving safer!Help can also be called with this app and, if desired, the position can be transmitted via GPS. Further functions are an alarm button on the start screen, corona messages and a pollen forecast. The app also offers valuable tips for first aiders. Free for Android and iOS. In-app purchases possible.

Emergency ID Emergency pass

Emergency ID Emergency pass app e1618553532567 More safety at the wheel Apps make driving safer!The app calls the rescue service and has information such as previous illnesses, allergies, etc. ready for the helpers. Entered data are password-protected. In an emergency, the app also sends an SMS to registered contacts. Free for all common operating systems.


Nina app More safety at the wheel Apps make driving safer!Nina is the federal warning app for extreme weather conditions, major fires, accidents involving dangerous goods, corona situations, etc. Works in seven languages, is easy to set up and provides reliable warnings. Free for all common operating systems.

My levels

My level app e1618553881451 More safety at the wheel Apps make driving safer!Water level and flood reports based on data from over 2.500 measuring points to provide information on the levels of rivers and coastal waters. The user can enter their own limit values ​​and be warned if they are exceeded. Particularly useful for drivers who park their vehicle in areas at risk of flooding. Free for Android and iOS.

DWD warning weather

DWD warning weather app More safety at the wheel Apps make driving safer!In the app of the German Weather Service, the current weather is displayed on a colored map. There are push notifications for storms on site. A 7-day forecast for rain, wind and lightning is available for a surcharge. Free for Android and iOS.

Accident Auto Crash Smartphone Tuning More safety at the wheel Apps make driving safer!

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