Tuesday 11th May 2021

BikerSOS APP - Motorcycling without worries!

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BIKER SOS Motorcycling BikerSOS APP - Motorcycling without worries!


Enjoy the freedom and switch off, meet with friends and go for a spin. You shouldn't think of problems and fears when riding a motorcycle, but an accident can happen quickly and often without the driver's fault. And this is exactly where BikerSOS supports you!

BikerSOS Motorcycle APP BikerSOS APP - Motorcycling without worries!Do you like to go for a round alone on a motorcycle or with your group on a small tour with beautiful curves and beautiful scenery? This is pure relaxation, but you should never forget, an accident can happen anytime and anywhere. As a motorcycle rider, you have even less protection. After an accident, you may lose consciousness or be difficult to see from the street. Many beautiful routes are away from places and due to the state of shock you also easily lose your orientation. It is difficult to describe the location to rescue workers and valuable time goes by. We have for these emergency situations BikerSOS developed! The BikerSOS App can recognize when you have an accident and automatically make an emergency call. With the help of your smartphone, the app can determine if you have fallen. An alarm is started, which you can also cancel if necessary, or the alarm stops automatically when you continue driving and nothing happened to you. However, if you need help, private contacts will be informed via SMS, which you can select in the app.

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BikerSOS Motorcycle APP Accident BikerSOS APP - Motorcycling without worries!

You will receive your position and your voluntarily provided personal data and can inform the rescue workers immediately. The BikerSOS app also gives you the option of directly alarming an emergency call center that is manned around the clock. Thanks to your location, they know immediately where you are. Thus, the emergency services are sent directly to you and no valuable time is wasted with driving directions. The emergency center alerts emergency services across the EU. So that you are safe on further trips and can go abroad with peace of mind. With the BikerSOS app But you can do a lot more, because BikerSOS is also your tour logbook.

BikerSOS Motorcycle APP Apple BikerSOS APP - Motorcycling without worries!BikerSOS Motorcycle APP Android BikerSOS APP - Motorcycling without worries!

BikerSOS Motorcycle APP 1 BikerSOS APP - Motorcycling without worries!Record your most thrilling rides automatically and then check out the PC on your portal my.bikersos.com or in the app where you’ve been. You get all the important statistics about your tour in the app. If you want to show your exits to others, you can simply share them from the app. Let your family and friends ride on your tour live. It doesn't matter if you visit someone or if someone cares about you. Send a live link on a tour and your friends can always see where you are and whether you are well. Wrong-way driver warning for journeys on the highway. BikerSOS also warns you if you are on the highway and there is a wrong-way driver on your lane, or if you accidentally drive the wrong way yourself. An audio output and a warning on the screen will inform you immediately if you are at risk. Download the BikerSOS app for free and try it out.

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