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Sport rear muffler - more power and better sound combined

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BMW M4 Remus Exhaust Revozport tuning carbon 21 sports rear muffler combines more power and better sound

Sports mufflers are part of sports exhaust systems. They can increase performance, especially in combination with a complete sports exhaust system, and typically bring a really good engine sound with them, which makes them very popular in the tuning scene! However, before installing a sports rear muffler, it does not hurt to be well informed about its structure and operation.

Titanium Line iPE Innotech Performance Exhaust BMW F80 M3 gold 17 sports rear muffler combines more power and better sound

Construction of a sport muffler

Of course, the exact structure of a sport muffler varies depending on the manufacturer, material and product, but they all roughly correspond to the same principle. Instead of the chambers installed in conventional dampers, pipes are installed in sports rear silencers through which the exhaust gases are directed. The pipes are provided with holes. The number and size of the holes varies from damper to damper. They ensure that the sound can escape from the pipes. Between the outer shell of the damper and the pipes may be incorporated among other things metal wool as a filling.

Sport exhaust system interior construction tuning sports rear muffler more power and better sound combined

Function of a sports rear silencer

Conventional mufflers mainly pursue the goal of attenuating the sound, as can be easily deduced from the term. The chambers ensure that the waves are shortened until they interfere. So the sound waves neutralize each other and the combustion noise is barely audible. However, the function of normal mufflers is a thorn in the side of many motor sports enthusiasts. Through the leadership in the chambers of the muffler creates an exhaust gas backflow, as in the full load more exhaust gas volume flows from the combustion chamber as can be passed through the chambers of the muffler. The resulting exhaust gas pressure no longer allows the exhaust gases to escape efficiently from the combustion chamber. This results in a performance limitation of the engine, since less oxygen can flow into the combustion chamber by the remaining exhaust gases. The tubes installed in the sports rear mufflers ensure a faster flow through the exhaust gases. Thus, the exhaust gas backflow reduces and there is an increase in performance. The problem, however, is that often the middle silencer and the catalyst ensure that there is still a backlog of exhaust gases. For an increase in performance, you should therefore consider to convert the entire exhaust system.

The sound

By guiding the exhaust gases into the pipes installed in the sport rear silencer, the engine sound changes drastically, which makes it interesting even without the installation of a uniform sports exhaust system. The pipes do not allow the sound waves to interfere so well. A sports rear muffler can make your vehicle sound much sportier! There is a wide selection of sport mufflers on the market for many vehicle models. So one can its sports rear silencer after the desired criteria such as manufacturer, price or ABE certificate choose. If that's not enough, you should CutOut system obstruct. However, legal use in road traffic is usually history!

Serial exhaust interior construction tuning sports rear muffler more power and better sound combined
Standard exhaust with the mentioned chambers for noise reduction

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