So you can change the brake pads on the car yourself!

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Wave Brake Disc Test Tuning 2 So you can change the brake pads on the car yourself!

The Brake pads are by far the most stressed parts of the motor vehicle and therefore wear and tear can naturally occur quickly. If you are mainly traveling in urban traffic, this means an enormous load on the brake pads of your vehicle and therefore they have to be replaced accordingly often. If a change is already pending, you should think about it, possibly immediately Racing brake pads switch. Often these have a longer service life and also score points with other advantages such as less brake abrasion or less heat generation.

Tip: New components such as a new engine should be "run in" gently. And that also applies to a new car.

However, it depends heavily on the built-in brake system and its components. Here you should definitely find out "in advance" whether sport brake pads are useful or not. If that is done, you can perhaps save the money for the change directly. Because changing the pads is no reason to go to a mechanic. The brake pads can often be exchanged easily and without special tools.

Change brake pads yourself!

Brake lubricants Lubricating paste 2 e1580795848909 So you can change the brake pads on the car yourself!

Here you will learn in 9 steps how you can easily replace the brake pads yourself: HEADS-UP: With our tutorials we would like to “HELP” you the correct way to install, maintain or analyze various products on the car. However, we would like to emphasize that we accept no liability for the correctness. We do not guarantee the topicality and correctness, nor the completeness or quality of the information provided. Liability claims against us due to material or immaterial damage that may arise from the use of information in our tutorials are fundamentally excluded within the legally permissible framework. Even if there is the possibility to change on your own, the following points should be considered:

  1. the braking system is a safety system
  2. Repair work on the brake system should only be carried out by trained
    Specialist personnel are carried out
  3. only spare parts are used that are compatible with the brake system
  4. only install approved brake pads / brake discs

Procedure for changing the brake pads

  1. Step:  To gain access to the brakes, you must first remove the wheels from the car. To do this, they lift the car with a jack, simply loosen the wheel nuts and remove the tires.
    Change brake pads Instructions Tutorial How to change the brake pads on the car yourself!
  2. Step: Now you have to find the two pins that fix the brake caliper. If you don't know exactly where they are, just do some research on the Internet or check your vehicle's manual. Once you've found the pins, simply remove the bottom of the two pins so the caliper can rotate up. Basically, you should not disturb the hydraulic line during this task, so you do not have to disconnect it.
    Ceramic paste Plastilube Brake Auto Tuning 3 How to change the brake pads on the car yourself!
  3. Step: After the brake caliper has turned up, you should see the brake pads and be able to see their condition. Using two points, you can now determine whether the pads have to be replaced or not. If the embedded metal pins come into contact with the brake disc, you should definitely change the brake pads. The second way to tell if the brake pads need to be replaced is overall strength. If this is less than 4 mm in one or more places, the brake pads should be replaced as soon as possible.
    Detect brake pads wear This is how you can change the brake pads on the car yourself!
  4. Step: If you have decided that the brake pads need to be replaced, slide them out of the bracket from below and remove them from the wheel. Your new brake pads have new brackets that you should definitely use. These do not have to be screwed on either, as they snap into place automatically. When replacing, you should also lubricate the clips with the grease supplied as standard. So you can be an annoying one squeak prevent. The new coverings can then be used very easily. After installation, they should definitely be more tight than the old rubbers.
    Squeak brake driving car 2 e1593684227857 So you can change the brake pads on the car itself!
  5. Step: Basically, it can happen that the brake pistons have to be pushed back when fastening the new brake pads. The brake pistons are moving parts of the vehicle that press the brake pads from the brake pedal to the brake disc when actuated, thereby stopping the vehicle.
    Change brake pads Instructions tutorial brake piston e1596097036564 How to change the brake pads on the car yourself!
  6. Step: If the brake pistons are in the way, you need a brake piston reset device (alternatively a small screw clamp) to push them back. If your vehicle has more than one piston per brake pad, you must push all pistons back together. If you do not do this, a piston could come loose, tilt, etc. This step requires full attention and patience and is essential to safely and successfully replace the brake pads. Make sure that you never damage the rubber sleeve of the pistons. If you have recently added brake fluid, it may overflow when the pistons are pushed back. It is therefore better to check the amount of brake fluid contained in the reservoir before pushing back the pistons and, if necessary, suck off some brake fluid. Don't forget to check the fluid level again later and top up if necessary. Especially after the installation has been completed and the first press in the stand.
    Change brake pads Instructions for brake piston reset How to change the brake pads on the car yourself!
  7. Step: If the pistons have been moved, you should be able to easily slide the brake caliper with the new brake pads over the brake disc. However, it can happen that the brake caliper is a bit tighter than before due to the new brake pads. But this is not a matter of concern.

    Change brake pads Instructions for brake piston reset 4 How to change the brake pads on the car yourself!

  8. Step: In the next step you have to put the pins you removed back in place as you found them and with the specified torque. You can then reassemble the wheels.
    Change brake pads Instructions for brake piston reset 3 How to change the brake pads on the car yourself!
  9. Step: You definitely need to test the new brakes on private terrain to make sure that they work properly.

Foliatec brake caliper paint test report tutorial experiences So you can change the brake pads on the car yourself!

However, if you have any doubts or are unsure during this repair, be sure to consult a mechanic before returning the vehicle to service. The brakes are one of the most important parts of the vehicle, so you shouldn't compromise on road safety. So far so good! But what if the steering wheel vibrates suddenly when accelerating or braking? What if the whole vehicle shakes and you have no idea where the imbalance is coming from? Then maybe our contribution on the topic "Car vibrates or wobbles while driving - why?"!

PS: There are different brake pads Topping cake. An overview of the properties can be found in our article "Sintered metal, ceramic, low-metallic or organic brake pads?".

Of course that had not happened yet!

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