Tip: Should you drive in a new car?

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Even if it seems so tempting to drive off in a brand new car and immediately exhaust all of its technical possibilities, it should be better avoided become. Even nowadays, from our point of view, it is still absolutely necessary to start with a new car with "Kid gloves" to touch. The first kilometers should be accordingly low speed be driven. Also strong unnecessary braking maneuvers would only put unnecessary strain on the new brake pads, the discs and the entire brake system.

Reasons for retraction

Although a general retract of a new car no longer has the meaning as it was a few years ago, it is still worth it with a new car moderate to deal with. The retraction has a special meaning for the Engine and transmissionbecause, for example, the cylinder and piston constantly rub slightly against each other while driving. Even if the manufacturing processes are much more precise nowadays, it is important that mechanical parts move over time come in.

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For current vehicles, the distances between the Oil change much bigger. In the past often had to buy new cars after 1.000 kilometers the first, after 5.000 kilometers the second and at 10.000 kilometers make the third oil change, this is how today's vehicles can about 30.000 kilometers drive before the first Oil change needs to be made. This is due to the fact that nowadays production is much more accurate. More meticulous washing processes before assembling and a exact production ensure that the metallic abrasion that ends up in the oil is essential less is. However, it is always worth taking a look at the vehicle's operating instructions. There you will usually find information on running in.

New Car Break In Guidelines

Basically, with a new vehicle one considered driving style is appropriate. Correspondingly, should be possible in the beginning gently accelerated become. Also to high speeds, especially if the engine is still cold should be avoided. Many very short journeys are just as disadvantageous. This smooth driving style should be for the 1.000 to 3.000 kilometers be respected. Also for them Liability development the tire is a careful driving positive. The new tires should not reach their liability limit within the first 500 kilometers.

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Run in the transmission and engine

During the retraction should especially the engine not be overwhelmed. And generally also with caution Gear to treat. A gasoline engine should go through the break-in process should not over 4.500 revolutions and diesel vehicles should not can be rotated over 3.500 revolutions. It is just as disadvantageous when operating at low speeds accelerated vigorously because in the gearbox and in the engine there are sometimes strong frictional forces. The Maximum speed and the top speed can be increased steadily within the first thousand kilometers. Nor should she maximum top speed must be exhausted in the beginning, as the engine speeds and the load on the gearbox are too high.

Tip: Full throttle in a cold state or warm up the engine first?

Run in the tires

Attention should also be paid to new tires, because they also need one Running-in process. With some tires, so that they come out of the vulcanization mold more easily, a Release agents used. This is needed about 150 kilometersuntil it is worn and the tires can grip well. The release agent is only used when the tread no shine has more. New tires only have their absolute level of grip after several hundred kilometers. Take special care on wet roads because the braking distance of new tires is longer than that of run-in tires.

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Run in the brakes

The brakes don't need any Run-in phase, but instead one Break-in phase. During this time, the grooves on the pane and the pavement adapt, and mountains fit into valleys, so to speak. The small tips rub against each other and heat nests form as a result. Until the pad and disc grind into each other optimally and the ideal deceleration has been achieved several hundred kilometers be covered. Because of this, the braking distance is longer than is the case with older brakes.

Retract the landing gear

A gentle running-in process is more likely for the chassis lesser Importance. However, springs, stub axles and shock absorbers can have a longer service life if they are not used right away maximum load cushion and have to carry.

Driving in an electric car

For electric cars, this applies to springs, brakes and shock absorbers the same rules. And of course the new tires also have to be run in here. none The electric drive, on the other hand, needs the run-in phase.

Conclusion on the subject of "running in a new vehicle!"

In principle it does always make sense, a new vehicle over a longer period of time with "Kid gloves" to touch. To ensure that you can enjoy your new car for a long time, the technical limit should be during the first 500 to 1.000 kilometers by no means to be maxed out. Longer tours at a leisurely pace are best for breaking in the new vehicle. In general, a careful driving style and anticipatory driving are considered suitable to enable a vehicle to have a longer service life.

A vehicle that is always fully loaded, driven at maximum acceleration, maximum possible speed, extreme braking, etc., naturally wears out much earlier as a vehicle that avoids precisely these things. info: Our tips apply should not only for new cars. Even if a new engine was installed in an older vehicle, if new brakes, a new chassis or new tires were fitted, then the temporary restraint applies to these components as well.

Of course, that wasn't the end of it!

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