Featured: Tire-style tire stickers / tire stickers in the test

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They are very trendy again, tire stickers, as they have been seen in motorsport for decades. And at the latest with Jon Olsson Audi RS6 DTM Avanthis Rolls-Royce Wraith or even that Huracan of the skier they have also arrived in "civil" road traffic. But it's no longer just about showing off the tire make, but rather about individuality. Special custom-made tire letters and custom lettering are therefore also an interesting option for companies to advertise or simply to attract attention at trade fair appearances. For us, of course, an absolute must and reason enough to buy our VW Phaeton with the recently installed one ICW Wheels wheelset to miss a set of trendy tire stickers.

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The selection of suppliers who sell this product is very manageable. But we are up relatively quickly www.tire-style.de became aware and contacted the company directly. After a short phone call it was clear that for us the option "V5 Complete Customized" can be considered. Because we wanted, of course, a lettering with our magazine URL and our Facebook presence for the numerous tuning meetings at which we are guests for our reporting. We designed our lettering ourselves and personalized it according to individual wishes.

It became the lettering for our domain www.tuningblog.eu in the typical orange and ours Facebook URL we have known in classic white and with the Facebook Facebook Thumb ordered. At this point a big thank you again tire-style who delivered the lettering quickly and reliably and easily implemented our individual wishes including the color. Regarding the product, we would like to note that the Version V5 an absolutely innovative type of tire labeling was developed by tire-style. There is no longer any need to use a primer, which makes attaching it child's play. Nevertheless, the tire labeling is permanent and, according to tire-style, there is no other product worldwide that can withstand these constant forces of tire movement so consistently.

And what does the law say?

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Very important, NO tire glue is used for the tire-style tire stickers. This is strictly forbidden, because superglue greatly affects the substance of the tire and significantly weakens the tire in the area where it is glued. The tire dries out and this leads to cracks in the tire. In the worst case this can lead to the tire bursting and we do not have to say more at this point. If it turns out that a superglue (Cyanoacrylate adhesive) was used, the TÜV would justifiably shut down the vehicle immediately. The tire stickers from tire-style come with a self-adhesive process and a chemical-free method and can therefore be used without hesitation!

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  2. Hi, I have a foil firmer in 2601sollenau Blumauerstrasse 200a austria
    Would like to include your tire stickers in my program. If you are interested, I can be reached at +436505271441 or by email

  3. Hey, hello!
    Do you have an update after 2 years regarding the durability etc. of the stickers?
    That would be great - thank you very much!

    • Hi,

      we already had the update after a few weeks. Conclusion: only for show purposes! Anyone who travels with the stickers every day will find that they get dirty quickly, sometimes peel off on warm days and therefore do not look really nice in the long run. But this has nothing to do with the stickers we have tested, but simply with the principle of the product. In the long run, the constantly moving tire flank means that the letters sometimes come off and the daily environmental influences, including brake wear, lead to pollution. The pollution can hardly be countered with conventional means and a pressure washer should only be held on with full force if you want to get rid of the letters.

      VG Tom from tuningblog

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