Rear window heating simply repaired with conductive silver!

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Defective rear window heating repair conductive silver Rear window heating simply repair with conductive silver!

The Rear window heating can be quickly damaged by scratches. Due to the scratches, some or more conductor tracks can then no longer conduct electricity. As a rule, however, this is only a small defect that can be identified by the driver with the help of Conductive varnish can be resolved on your own. In order to be able to carry out the repair yourself, the wires of the rear window heater must be accessible, i.e. accessible printed on the outside be. Should the wires within the laminated glass, then you have to go to the workshop. A repair is not possible here; the rear window needs to be replaced. However, a defect in the integrated variant is also much less likely.

Repair the heated rear window

Defective rear window heating repair conductive silver 4 e1630304883295 Rear window heating simply repair with conductive silver!

Before To begin the repair, you must first identify the line breaks locate. Most of the time, the damage can be seen with the naked eye. You can do this either against the washer to breathe or simply switch them on when the rear window is fogged up Rear window heating a. This is because the defective area does not become free and is easy to identify. But you can also change the electrical resistance with a Multimeter measure up. If the interruption is between two measuring points, the resistance increases noticeably.

apply the conductive silver

Defective rear window heating repair conductive silver 3 Rear window heating can be easily repaired with conductive silver!

To the Conductive silver To be able to apply, the rear window heater must first be used disabled will. Then cover the affected conductor track with adhesive tape so that only the heating wire is exposed. Be careful with the tape though CAN'T to glue on the conductor track. If you pull it off, you could seriously damage it and the work would be for free. Depending on the damaged area, it may also be necessary to sand the area slightly (at least if the damage is in the black area from Screen printing tape is) and the oxide layer (mostly it is red or orange and about 1 to 2 mm wide) to remove something. Is the area in the disc, you'd better get one Fiberglass pen use for cleaning / preparation. Once the defective area has been masked and prepared, you can use the Repair compound, conductive silver paint or conductive silver shut down.

use a brush as an aid

The material contains a high proportion of Silver particles and must be done before application shaken well so that the silver particles are evenly distributed. To apply the repair compound, it is best to use a fine one Brush or cotton swab use and several thin layers of lacquer apply on top of each other. Once the paint has dried, the tape can be removed and the surrounding area with alcohol getting cleaned. Then let it dry for another day. After that, the heating should be fully functional again and the damage should hardly be noticeable.

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Rear window heating Retrofit mirror heating Installation e1591786250656 Rear window heating simply repair with conductive silver!

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