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BimmerLink: fault detection for BMW, Mini and the Supra!

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Bimmerlink Bimmercode BMW Mini Toyota Experience BimmerLink: Error detection for BMW, Mini and the Supra!

BimmerLink! What is BimmerLink actually? This is a App for Android and iOS and quasi the counterpart to BimmerCode and with just under 34,99€ identically expensive. However, BimmerLink is suitable are not for coding, but for Fault diagnosis. The app creates a direct connection to your Mini, your BMW or the new generation of the Toyota Supra (technically based on the BMW Z4 G29) here. In combination with a usable OBD adapter, you can then simply read out the fault memory yourself or have the measured values ​​from the vehicle displayed in real time. Find the Condition of your diesel particulate filter in your diesel vehicle or simply register your new battery yourself after it has been replaced. Thanks to BimmerLink you can even control the original exhaust flap yourself or switch off the active sound design.

Any OBD adapter possible? No!

Bimmerlink Bimmerlink Bimmercode BMW Mini Toyota Experience 2 e1630149504175 BimmerLink: Error detection for BMW, Mini and the Supra!

In order to be able to use the app, however, as with BimmerCode, a corresponding cable or an OBD adapter is required that works via Bluetooth or WLAN. Indeed are not every adapter works with BimmerLink. The following is an overview of accepted OBD adapters (as of 08/2021):

Veepeak OBDCheck BLEVgate iCar Bluetooth

Vgate iCar WLAN

vLinker bluetooth

vLinker WLAN


DCAN USB cable ENET cable

MHD ENET (black)



OBDLink CXOBDLink LX / MX / MX +




Certain control units in the vehicle (especially in newer G-series vehicles) can only be read out and coded with certain adapters.

Functions / fault diagnosis

You can easily carry out the diagnosis yourself, which otherwise can only be carried out by your service partner. BimmerLink enables all errors to be read out and deleted in every control unit installed by BMW or MINI. In previous OBD applications, this was only possible in the case of exhaust-related errors. Measured values ​​in real time: A customizable dashboard enables a view of all relevant values simultaneously. The measured values ​​are in real time displayed. BimmerLink provides a large number of measured values. Among other things the Boost pressure or the oil temperature can be displayed. With the personalized dashboard you always have all the important values ​​of your vehicle in view.

a few features of BimmerLink

  • Recording of the data: The measured values ​​can be recorded and exported as a CSV file for later evaluation.
  • Exhaust flap control: You can Control take over via the exhaust flaps in your vehicle. However, this is only possible for vehicles that have an exhaust flap as standard. BimmerLink even enables the pneumatically or electronically controlled exhaust flap on your vehicle remote-controlled can be. So you can decide for yourself whether the flap permanent remains closed or open to affect the sound of your vehicle. You can also select the automatic function again with the app.
  • Control of the ASD: If you don't like the artificially generated engine sound, you can use the Active Sound Design mute / deactivate. Of course, this is only possible for vehicles that are factory-fitted with the Active Sound Design. The ASD can easily do this with BimmerLink off if you don't like the artificially generated engine sound of your MINI, the Supra or your BMW.

Bimmerlink Bimmerlink Bimmercode BMW Mini Toyota ERROR message e1630219611326 BimmerLink: Error readout for BMW, Mini and the Supra!

  • Sound control: In vehicles with an S55 engine (i.e. M4, M3 or M2 Competition), the “sound tuning” can be used to turn off the “bubbling”.
  • Regeneration of the diesel particulate filter: BimmerLink allows you to find out more about the Condition of your diesel particulate filter. Find out when the filter was last regenerated or how much ash is in it. The DPF can open if necessary button brought to regeneration and burned free.
  • Registration of the battery: The vehicle battery must be replaced in the engine control unit registered when you need to replace the battery. With BimmerLink you can easily do this yourself.
  • Parking brake mounting mode: BimmerLink makes it possible for the Assembly mode for the electromechanical parking brake is activated.
  • Reset the service display: Simply set the service display in your vehicle yourself backafter maintenance work such as changing the oil or changing the brake pads has been carried out.

Supported vehicles

1er (from year of construction 2004)
2 series, M2 (from year of construction 2013)
2er Active Tourer (from year of construction 2014)
2 series Gran Tourer (from year of construction 2015)
3 series, M3 (from year of construction 2005)
4 series, M4 (from year of construction 2013)
5 series, M5 (from year of construction 2003)
6 series, M6 (from year of construction 2003)
7er (from year of construction 2008)
8er (from year of construction 2018)
X1 (from year of construction 2009)
X2 (from year of construction 2018)
X3, X3 M (from year of construction 2010)
X4, X4 M (from year of construction 2014)
X5, X5 M (from year of construction 2006)
X6, X6 M (from year of construction 2008)
X7 (from year of construction 2019)
Z4 (from year of construction 2009)
i3 (from year of construction 2013)
i8 (from year of construction 2013)
MINI (from year of construction 2006)
Toyota Supra (from year of construction 2019)

Is the Bimmerlink visible to BMW mechanics?

Reading out real-time data is always possible without a trace. In other words, what is currently being shown on the display can no longer be checked afterwards. But the coding - no matter whether BimmerCode or BimmerLink - is not without a trace. This can be proven in the system, albeit with difficulty.

Bimmerlink Bimmerlink Bimmercode BMW Mini Toyota Test e1630219238948 BimmerLink: Error detection for BMW, Mini and the Supra!

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