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Nippon tuning: LugNuzzCover from FOLIATEC under test

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LugNuzzCover FOLIATEC Review Nippon Tuning 2019 1 Nippon Tuning: LugNuzzCover by FOLIATEC under test


The 2019 tuning season is just around the corner and we have as announced, the LugNuzzCover from ordered for our VW Phaeton. After recently using the calipers Brake caliper paint wrapped in a chic white and, as an eye catcher, still Caliper sticker had applied, the final styling using LugNuzzCover was now in turn. But what is it and how do the parts work? Lies nuts (Lugnuzz) has been around for many years, especially in Japan and also in America. This trend has also been arriving in Germany for some time. Since then, Lug Nuts can be found on a wide variety of vehicles. In the past year alone, almost "10.000" x the term "Lug Nuts" or "Tuning-Radmuttern" was entered in the search function on WOW! Reason enough to introduce the system to you now. Offers in this country Foliatec a particularly convenient solution.

LugNuzzCover FOLIATEC review Nippon Tuning 2019 6 e1547721461186 Nippon Tuning: LugNuzzCover from FOLIATEC under test
we decided on the golden version
With the “Lugnuzz Covers”, Foliatec uses a variant that is applied to the wheel nuts using high-performance neodymium magnets. The LugNuzz covers from FOLIATEC come with an expert opinion and are therefore “free registration“And released up to 250 km / h. Another important aspect: The Lugnuzz from Foliatec are the right length so that most accessories rims and many original rims do not protrude beyond the highest point of the rim. But this also depends on the rim design and the offset. Therefore better measure in advance! In the area of ​​StVZO is the rule! They are available in the wrench sizes 17 & 19 mm, in the colors black and chrome and in the 4 anodized colors green, blue, red and gold. This means they can be combined with a variety of rim colors. However, we rely on using the Lugnuzz as a color contrast to the white paintwork of our Phaeton. By the way, they are the perfect alternative if you want to avoid the expensive conversion to stud bolts.

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LugNuzzCover FOLIATEC Review Nippon Tuning 2019 11 Nippon Tuning: LugNuzzCover by FOLIATEC under test

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