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Brake fluid: change interval and what it costs!

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Brake fluid: change interval and what it costs!

In which Intervals do I have to brake fluid switch? To ensure that the brake system works, it is important to keep the brake fluid in regular intervals zu switch. Therefore tuningblog reveals in this post, wie oft the brake fluid needs to be replaced and whether you are changing it do it yourself can. As far as driving safety and smooth functioning of the entire braking system are concerned, this is the brake fluid essential. The brake fluid is there to reduce the force that arises when the brake pedal is depressed to be transferred to the wheels. Furthermore, the brake fluid is also a type lubricant for the moving parts in the braking system are located and they verhindert also the formation of Rust. However, the properties of the brake fluid change over time, which is why regular change makes inevitable. Failure to do this can lead to massive braking power decreases or absolutely none Braking power is achieved.

When the change is necessary!

The brake fluid should always be changed every two years be performed. It plays not matterhow many kilometers you have driven your car in time. You should pay particular attention to this guideline when using one older vehicle have. The brake fluid must always be used during regular visits to the workshop geprüft and if necessary exchanged will. If you are not sure whether or when you should change your brake fluid, it is best to contact one Workshopwhere you can get help quickly. Workshops measure the Proportion of water in the brake fluid. If this at least 3,5 percent it means that the Wet boiling point was achieved. If this is the case, the brake fluid should be changed.

Brake fluid: change interval and what it costs!

An indication of a necessary change?

Basically one is deterioration braking performance is an obvious sign that a change is needed. Another sign is that the brake pedal is moving slightly, but with little resistance can be pressed and also not immediately responds. Even if the braking system squeaks or fails, a workshop should be visited immediately.

What does it cost and how long it takes!

Usually there is a cost to switch between 40 and 50 Euros including material. As far as the duration is concerned, the change usually takes approximately 30 Minutes in claim. If the fill level drops, however, it can be more expensive because in this case a Leak present that of course eliminates must become. That is also the case when whole components the braking system exchanged Need to become.

But why does the brake fluid have a limited service life?

This is because the brake fluid is a hygroscopic liquid acts, which in turn means that it is capable of water record and to to solve. If the brake fluid is not changed, the water that is in the brake fluid may over time solved has evaporated into bubbles when heated up accordingly, which causes the transmission of the braking force impair can. And the dissolved water also accelerates the formation of Rust in the brake system, which is especially true for the brake piston. In addition, the Lubricity deteriorated. The points refer to a brake fluid Glycol basewhich is the most widely used brake fluid.

Some of the potential problems can be avoided by putting a liquid on it silicone-based is used. This brake fluid is unable to absorb water or it too to solve. Instead, the water is based on the brake fluid silicone-based repelled. The advantage here is obvious: the brake fluid must not be replaced. Please note, however, that the braking force can decrease or even fail completely if too little brake fluid is in the system. This applies to both the variant on Glycol base as well on silicone-based. You can check the level of the brake fluid using the Expansion tanklocated in the engine compartment.

Tasks and weak points of the brake fluid?

You can find them brake fluid in one (more) line (s) that connect the Brake pedals with the Piston for disc brake or the Wheel brake cylinders for drum brake is. When you press the brake pedal, the pressure is released by the brake fluid transfer, where the so-called Brake booster provides helpful support. In this process, however, it can also be used Brake fluid heating up come as the brake disc and the components around the disc getting hot. If the boiling point is exceeded, bubbles can form, so that only air bubbles are compressed when the pedal is pressed - there is then only real power transmission limited or in the worst case, too not more instead, causing the brake can fail.

Brake fluid: change interval and what it costs!

Do not change brake fluid yourself!

Generally there is a lot of work on the car that you do in Self-directed can do. Yes, in contrast to the Change the brake pads, the Exhaust repair or the Refilling of coolant includes changing the brake fluid not to. Because there are plenty of potential mistakes you can make. Such is the fluid, for example toxic and also corrosivewhich is why there is always contact with skin or paint avoided should be. Furthermore, it may be that the drain and at Bleeding Air what penetrates the system unpleasant consequences brings with it: For example, it can be a total failure the brake system come, with relatively small air bubbles being sufficient.

It is just as complicated Disposal the old brake fluid, as this is Hazardous substance applies and duly im Hazardous waste must be disposed of. This is so important as the fluid extremely harmful for the environment and, depending on the federal state, with up to 50.000 euros fine must be expected. Also the general one Security aspect spricht against an independent one Switch.

Which brake fluid is recommended?

Here it is important that DOT classes (Department of Transportation) must be observed. The common ones in America Grades 3, 4, 5 and 5.1 common. In Europe, however, it is more like that Classes 3 and 4, the latter being the at common in modern cars Class represents. In any case, you should hit the Specifications of the manufacturer to ensure optimal brake performance. If you have a Oldtimer you should be on brake fluid silicone-based set, which, however, requires that the plant is thorough is rinsed and all Seals exchanged will. It should also be ensured that the brake lines almost as good as new are. Is it foreseeable that the classic in 1-2 years new brake lines would be needed so a switch to silicone-based economic nonsense.

By the way: A pair of Mix for Silicone- and Glycol-based types definitely should avoided will. This is only possible with DOT3, DOT4 and DOT5.1 Liquids, but only if the Manufacturers es indicates. Plus there is still Brake fluids on Mineral oil basewhich, however, is only used by a few manufacturers, including Citroën. And finally ... A change of the brake fluid should exclusively be carried out in a specialist workshop and by trained personnel.

Brake fluid: change interval and what it costs!

Of course that had not happened yet!

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Brake fluid: change interval and what it costs!

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Brake fluid: change interval and what it costs!

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