Warning lights in the vehicle - correctly interpreting the problems!

Surely everyone has one at some point Warning light im instrument cluster seen from his vehicle. No matter if it is a yellow or red was. Starting with the one still dressed hand brake, about the missing Washer fluid for the Washer up to failed taillight there are countless such messages. But not always one Warning light as direct warning used. In some cases there is only one Note. A warning light is activated in a vehicle, for example, when there is a driver or passenger not buckled up to have. Some warning lights also alert the driver to you harmless Defect. But if the message is a real warning the driver of the vehicle should act immediately.

one should know the differences

So that the source of the error can be determined quickly, the Logbook the vehicle for advice. Vehicle owners can access a displayed even faster Warning light prepare in which they are the most important Notes on the most diverse Malfunctions imprint. There is Differences in the area of ​​the warning lights. Partially if they light up constantly, they flash and show a red, orange or yellow Colour. Red Warning lights should discord to be taken seriously. If a red warning light comes on suddenly, the journey should be gestoppt will. In the best case, a Auto repair shop to be visited. Covering longer distances is with one red warning light not recommended. Yellow or orange light on the other hand say at most that something is wrong with the vehicle not OK is. As a rule, however, driving safety is in such a case not affected.

Is it a warning or a notice?

Will be a red warning light in you circle activated, this usually shows the driver that the hand brake has not yet been resolved. This lamp should be after the Release the handbrake go out immediately. Otherwise could it mean the Bremsanlage or at least one Contact am handbrake lever or the Brake malfunction is. That can be dangerous. Before the cause of this malfunction has not been found, the journey should not continued as it can happen that the Brakes fail completely. It can also be the case that the Brake pads too strong abgefahren are or not enough brake fluid is available. (this must be taken into account when changing the brake fluid) Depending on the vehicle model are the warning messages unfortunately More or less revealing. Newer vehicles usually also give a corresponding one Info text out. But that is the rule under no circumstances.

Illuminates Engine symbol without or reported one Flash Sign up, maybe it's already one engine failure or at least one Problem with the engine or the Motor Control. In this case too, a Workshop to be visited. Is just that yellow light activated, the vehicle can often still drive a few kilometers Emergency program be driven. Of course it should discord on Uncommon noises or other unknown Symptoms like no performance or blue / black smoke out of the exhaust.

Suddenly lights up red oil can icon on? Then either is that oil pressure or the oil level too low. A direct one Check the oil level is advisable and done quickly. The engine should be turn off and wait a few minutesto allow the oil back into the sump can flow. If necessary, should Refilled with oil will. Otherwise the engine could get serious when you continue driving Schaden to take. The same applies if the red warning light comes on with waves. It won't be quick then cooling water filled up, the engine could also suffer damage.

Other common warning messages in the instrument cluster:

  • Green circle with a "A“In the middle: if the symbol shines, has the Start-stop system the engine at an intersection or traffic light, etc. automatically abgestellt. Flashes it or is yellow or red, then lies a Defekt in the system.
  • Yellow or Orange as a preheating lamp (only for diesel engines). It indicates that the glow plugs still preheating. Shines the symbol while for journey, lies a Problem .
  • Yellow Engine control lamp. When it lights up while driving, a workshop should be visited as quickly as possible (driving slowly!). Ignition or injection system, exhaust gas cleaning, LMM, intake, camshaft drive, etc. can malfunction .
  • Airbag indicator light. It lights up while driving is something wrong with that Airbag or Gird does not. Exception: The passenger airbag was manual because of a child seat disabled.
  • Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS). If it lights up while driving, at least one tire has it too little Air. It exists Risk of accident (longer braking distance, lateral pulling away, poor handling properties, etc.).
  • ESP lamp. If the lights up while driving electronic stability program on, without any particular smoothness or moisture, Und without manual deactivation, then lies a Problem with the system.
  • Symbol for Gas station! Explains itself. If it lights up, then the tank is almost empty. And the vehicle has to contemporary be refueled at a to lie down to prevent. The remaining range is usually between 30 and 100 km. Depending on the manufacturer.
  • red Battery icon. If it lights up, then he has Battery no more juice. If the battery has too little capacity, the Voltage Regulators or the alternator be defect. The battery itself, of course Auch. Maybe it is drive belts gerissen, then you should stop immediately and check it.
  • ABS lamp. It lights up while driving, then that has Anti-lock braking system a problem. This should preventthat with emergency braking the tires block. When the lamp continuous while driving lights up, there is something wrong (maybe also with the ESP). There is an increased risk of accidents!

Of course there are many other warning messages depending on the equipment of the vehicle and depending on the manufacturer. The exact meaning can also vary a little. The only thing that helps here is a look in the logbook to correctly interpret the corresponding error message. As a rule of thumb, however, the following applies: red warning message = stop, yellow warning message = drive slowly to the next workshop.

Of course that had not happened yet!

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