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Interior cleaning: This is necessary for a well-maintained car

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Interior cleaning: This is necessary for a well-maintained car

While the exterior of the car is being polished, cleaning the interior is mostly done less importance awarded. Nevertheless, it is important to keep the leather, carpets and fabrics as well as the fittings clean. You can find out here which accessories and which means you need to do this. By the way, there is more information on how to properly clean the outside of the car in our article "Car wash / hand wash / car wax - this is how it works!".

Interior cleaning: that is necessary!

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  1. Why clean the car inside?
  2. The following accessories are required
  3. How does the car interior cleaning work?
  4. Step 1: Cleaning with a vacuum cleaner
  5. Step 2: Clean fittings and cockpit
  6. Step 3: Clean the plastic covers
  7. Step 4: Clean mirrors and windows
  8. Step 5: Remove stains from the upholstery
  9. Step 6: Clean leather seats
  10. Step 7: Clean the child seat
  11. Professional car interior cleaning costs
  12. ozone treatment
  13. Dry Ice cleaning
  14. What do the costs depend on?

Why clean the car inside?

Cleaning the interior is often done undervalued. This is because it is a burden for the vehicle owner. Not only does the time have to be spent on it, it has to be done in advance correct accessories and the suitable detergents be procured. Nevertheless, cleaning and caring for the interior is no less important than regular cleaning outside. There is an obvious reason for this: A clean and neat interior enhances the car. This is not only important when a resale is pending. The vehicle also makes a better impression on passengers. And of course you feel much more comfortable in a clean vehicle. Of the own claim so should always be a neat and clean interior be. There are therefore a few points to consider for optimal interior cleaning. "back

Car interior cleaning: The following accessories are required

There are different ways of cleaning and caring for the car interior cleaning supplies necessary. Ideally, a certain amount of time should also be scheduled for cleaning. A Garage or your own Pitch are ideal. In addition, there should be a power connection nearby so that the vacuum cleaner can be used. If that is not possible, then offer one SBCar wash the ability to use a vacuum cleaner. Of course, it also comes in Akkusauger. Tip: This is how the leather steering wheel becomes correctly prepared!

Interior cleaning: This is necessary for a well-maintained car

In addition to the vacuum cleaner will also be Water and Cleaning utensils needed. These include a sponge, microfiber cloth, shammy as well as a Brush, With a Waschsauger the interior is even particularly clean, even if it does not necessarily have to be used. Glass cleaner, Stain cleaner and upholstery cleaner ensure freedom from stains and a suitable one Plastic care gives the whole thing the finishing touch. "back

How does the car interior cleaning work?

So that the interior can be cleaned properly. Everyone should go first coarse residues are removed. This includes, for example, old candy wrappers, expired parking tickets or anything that is kept in the center console or the doors. The trunk should also be freed from coarse dirt accordingly.

Interior cleaning: This is necessary for a well-maintained car

Still before sucked should the Deep pile overmats knocked out and the Ashtray be emptied. Remnants of this kind should be used so that the interior appears clean and tidy in the long term regularly removed become. Basically it is recommended to do the cleaning at least once a month to undertake. Of course, it always depends on the intensity of use of the vehicle. If a car is only moved once a month, then of course there is usually one monthly cleaning from the interior superfluous. And of course the season also plays a role. "back

Step 1: cleaning with a vacuum cleaner

To thoroughly clean the interior is a vacuum cleaner with high Performance necessary. With him the Deep pile overmats and the footwell, the Seats, but also the trunk and the Car sky sucked off. The aim is to remove dirt, crumbs, dust and animal hair. It is best to be on the driver's side to start with. All seating and footwell areas are included thoroughly vacuumed.

Then the back seat should be folded down once (wenn möglich), so too darunter can be sucked. Once the seat cushions and the footwell have been freed of dirt, stand shelves, louvers, side pockets the doors and the many cracks and crevices on the program. The following applies: the better the preparation, the cleaner the interior will shine at the end.

Interior cleaning: This is necessary for a well-maintained car

The headliner usually requires little cleaning work. However, if a stain has settled there, it can be cleaned with a gentle Interior Shampoo removed. The trunk, on the other hand, needs one increased attention. This should also include the ground cover be raised. In this context, the Air pressure the spare wheel must be checked and refilled if necessary. "back

Step 2: Clean fittings and cockpit

The following applies to cleaning the fittings and cockpit: Less is more. In the best case, a soft and lint-free cloth in combination with is sufficient lukewarm water enough to clean the fittings. On detergent should be included largely omitted become. Particularly harsh detergents can attack the plastic pane in front of the dashboard. If there are small scratches, a matt-milky film can result.

Interior cleaning: This is necessary for a well-maintained car

A simple one is enough to clean the cockpit cover Soapy water out. A soft and clean cloth is used for this. The cockpit is gently wiped with the damp cloth. Those who want additional care and shine can rely on the commercial sprays put. However, it should be noted that the spray antistatic and does not produce any shine if possible (only looks unnecessarily "greasy" and does not last long). Is the middle not antistatic The cleaning was in vain, because dust and dirt can accumulate again very quickly. "back

Step 3: Clean the remaining plastic covers

To clean the remaining plastic covers, we recommend a liquid one Plastic care. This is placed on a soft cloth and then applied thinly to the area that needs to be cleaned. Depending on the desired effect, this point is then polished. "back

Step 4: This is how the mirrors and windows are cleaned

For the optimal view and thus the Safety When driving, it is important to clean the mirrors and windows inside. For the maintenance of windows and mirrors in the interior is sufficient conventional glass cleaner completely off. If nobody is in the house, you can also put on lukewarm water with a splash of vinegar. In addition, chamois leather is required, which can then be used to ensure a clear view. In addition, the sun visors getting cleaned.

Interior cleaning: This is necessary for a well-maintained car

For an ideal result on the windshield, it is advisable to click on on the passenger side. Because from there there is usually more freedom of movement so that the cracks can also be reached. If the rear window has heating wires, then it is imperative parallel to the embedded wiresand be wiped particularly carefully. More information on how to properly clean windows can be found in our article "Clean car windows for an excellent view!". "back

Step 5: Remove stains from the upholstery

Specials are available in stores especially for cleaning upholstery Foam cleaner offered. These are sprayed onto the contaminated area. Then the foam is massaged in with a damp cloth. After a few minutes, the foam is sucked off with a wet and dry vacuum cleaner. The whole thing is even easier if a vacuum cleaner is used for this. With the help of the foam cleaner or the vacuum cleaner, the upholstery can be cleaned in no time and freed from dirt and odors. However, purchasing a vacuum cleaner is costly, so it can make sense to test the device in advance to borrow.

Tip: Cheap home remedies are often sufficient for the average cleaning of car seats. There is more about this in our article "Dirt & stains on the car seat? These home remedies will help!". "back

Interior cleaning: This is necessary for a well-maintained car

Step 6: Clean leather seats

If the car is not upholstered, but Leather seats is equipped, then special care products are required. If there are coarse stains on the leather, then a Leather care foam can be used according to instructions. As soon as the leather has been cleaned, this is mandatory If required, priming or impregnation. of the leather. This will prevent stains or dirt accumulation in the future. However, leather care is usually more expensive. Nevertheless, these products ensure that the leather remains soft and supple after cleaning. That makes it comfortable and durable. There is even more information on this topic in our article "Impregnating the car - useful or a waste of money?".

Interior cleaning: This is necessary for a well-maintained car

Tip: Maybe the leather seats have one Hole or are they just no longer beautiful to look at? Then maybe our information in the articles will help Color refreshment for leather seats, the right leather care and  Leather repair using liquid leather"back

Step 7: Clean the child seat

For families with children, the cleaning of the Child seat significant. This should by no means be neglected when cleaning the interior. If it is cleaned regularly, a simple cleaning is usually sufficient for the no special detergents are needed. Most dirt can be removed with a damp cloth or vacuum cleaner. Gentle stains are ideal for stubborn stains cleaning supplies that have no effect on the skin of the little passengers. Since there is direct skin contact, especially in summer, acidic or harsh cleaning agents should be avoided.

Even with gentle cleaning agents, the seat should advance checked for color fastness. It is also not suitable for cleaning disinfectant. Just like harsh detergents, it can not just the skin, but also the Mucous membranes of children and babies attack.

Interior cleaning: This is necessary for a well-maintained car

And in most cases the reference can also be made in Gentle cycle machine washable. Of the Dryer however is mostly not suitable. If you want to prevent creases and dents in the material, you can pull the seat cover over the seat while still slightly damp and then pull it let dry completely. Ideally is a second reference available so that the seat can also be used when the cover is washed. "back

What does professional car interior cleaning cost?

The interior cleaning is associated with a high expenditure of time, even for professionals. If stubborn stains or odors have already settled, they must are laboriously removed. Even plastic parts that have become matt need time to be polished up again.

Interior cleaning: This is necessary for a well-maintained car

The price depends on the scope of services. Simple and quick cleaning, including window and cockpit cleaning as well as vacuuming, is usually between 20 and 30 Euro possible. In the case of heavily soiled vehicles, it must be included 40 to 50 Euro be expected. A complete processing however costs between 120 and 150 Euro. Should be an additional Disinfection be necessary due to stubborn smells, come back fine 50 euros in addition. In addition: The bigger the car, the higher the cost. "back

Special cleaning in the interior

For stubborn dirt or stubborn smells, special cleaning methods are usually necessary. These can significantly increase the cost of cleaning.

Ozone treatment: The ozone treatment is used for that Disinfection used. The gas used reacts to the stuck odor molecules, as well as to bacteria, germs or mold, which can cause the unpleasant smells. The gas gets into all the cracks and corners, where it then breaks down into harmless oxygen molecules. In stubborn cases, it works for up to 24 hours. Depending on the provider and intensity, the costs range between 50 and 150 Euro. Such odor control is in smoking cars not possible. Fine dust aerosols would be produced here, which can have harmful effects on health. "back

Dry ice cleaning: Another method is this Cleaning with dry ice. Be there -79 degrees Celsius cold dry ice pallets are placed on the interior surface, where they loosen dirt and deposits and allow them to flake off. This removes stubborn dirt and most bacteria and germs have no chance at this temperature. The costs are between, depending on the provider and model 50 and 100 Euro. "back

What do the costs for interior cleaning depend on?

The costs depend on the following key factors:

  • Vehicle size
  • Scope of the interior cleaning to be carried out
  • Necessary special cleaning: stain removal, disinfection, odor control, upholstery cleaning, etc.
  • Where the cleaning takes place. This can be with the provider or on-site.
  • The pricing of the provider. "back

Interior cleaning: This is necessary for a well-maintained car

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Interior cleaning: This is necessary for a well-maintained car

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Interior cleaning: This is necessary for a well-maintained car

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Interior cleaning: This is necessary for a well-maintained car

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