Dry ice cleaning in vehicle preparation and cleaning!

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The Vehicle preparation and cleaning makes use of the special dry ice cleaning a clear quality improvement with additional time savings possible. Due to the exceptional properties of the dry ice machines and the dry ice itself, car interiors, engines and electrical components are cleaned more efficiently, more quickly and gently than when using common cleaning agents. the Dry ice cleaning is done in an environmentally friendly way and without the use of water or harmful chemicals.

Increase in sales and earnings through time savings

Interior cleaning car clean interior instructions

Some dealers active in vehicle preparation realize just how immense the advantages are shortly after using dry ice cleaning for the first time. This saves an average of between 30 and 50 percent time for the interior cleaning. Of course, this results in significant cost savings per vehicle cleaning. But that's just the beginning. If several vehicles are cleaned with the innovative technology, there are extremely positive effects on the dealer's sales and profits. And that with better cleaning results and correspondingly more satisfied customers.

complete cleanliness

Dry ice cleaning vehicle detailing cleaning

Dirty moulds, parts or machines are usually not easy to clean. The problem: After sandblasting, blasting media such as sand or glass granules remain. This often means that cleaning has to be carried out after cleaning. Dry ice cleaning makes this additional effort superfluous. After cleaning, the dry ice pellets dissolve 100 percent in carbon dioxide (CO₂). So there are no cleaning residues, but full cleanliness instead.

Advantages of dry ice blasting!

  1. No prep work required. It can be started immediately.
  2. Machines do not have to be dismantled in a time-consuming process for cleaning.
  3. Pellets get into the smallest corners without any problems.
  4. Extremely short machine downtimes ...
    ... thanks to efficient and fast dry ice cleaning.
  5. Environmentally friendly cleaning …
    ... without the use of chemicals or blasting agents.
  6. No surface damage.
  7. No residue.
  8. Dry ice completely dissolves in CO₂. There are no residues, such as blasting media or waste water.

Cleanliness = cold times acceleration

A powerful device for dry ice cleaning uses compressed air to accelerate the dry ice pellets, which are up to three millimeters in size, to over 150 m / s. Because of the cold of minus 79 °C the dirt freezes and cracks. The greatly accelerated dry ice pellets then easily remove the dirt from the vehicle parts. The dry ice method is particularly effective at removing almost any dirt gentle to eliminate.

Dry ice cleaning Vehicle preparation Cleaning 1

From carbon dioxide to ice

During the production process, liquid carbon dioxide enters the press cylinder of the so-called pelletizer and, thanks to the drop in pressure, turns into dry ice snow. A special hydraulic cylinder compresses the dry ice snow, which is then pressed through an extruder plate. This creates sticks of dry ice that break into pellets.

Dry ice cleaning in vehicle preparation

  • Cockpit cleaning with dry ice is very popular. This achieves cleanliness right down to the dirtiest corner. The gentle cleaning of displays or electric speedometers is also possible with it. No more streaks and stripes!

Interior cleaning with dry ice

  • Sensitive components such as switches or speakers are not damaged thanks to the gentle dry ice cleaning and are 100 percent cleaned.

Dry ice engine wash

  • More and more manufacturers are banning engine cleaning with high-pressure cleaners or water. Dry ice is the perfect alternative. Appropriate cleaning is usually also possible at locations without an oil separator.

Dry ice blasting: prices

Dry ice cleaning or dry ice blasting is relative when compared to other compressed air blasting processes inexpensive. This is because there are no costs for blasting media, water, chemicals or auxiliary materials such as gravel. There arise beyond that no additional costs for the disposal of the abrasive or chemicals, as only the removed dirt remains after dry ice cleaning. Only the dry ice pellets and a dry ice blasting device are required. Dry ice pellets cost between EUR 4,50 and EUR XNUMX per kg.

Dry ice cleaning Vehicle preparation Cleaning 3

For the professional implementation of the dry ice cleaning, there are costs of approx 160 to 250 euros per hour expected. However, this price range is only to be understood as an approximate guideline and depends heavily on the respective provider and the intended use. Example: Removing the underbody protection of a classic car takes around 8 hours and costs around EUR 1.500 to 1.900, depending on the provider. A dry ice engine wash, which takes about 20 minutes, costs around EUR 85 to EUR 120.

Of course, that wasn't the end of it!

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