Monday, May 10, 2021

Test report - Travall dog guards made to measure -> woof or woof?

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Today we are gaaaaaaaaaaaanz practical and would like to present you a test report on a car accessory that, if it gets serious, can even save your life. Don't you think Definitely! And before I continue to write capital here, please watch the following video:

Why a dog lattice?

The ultimate proof of what can happen if you just crash the load into your trunk and go on tour. The company "Travall" has taken on exactly this problem and produces a protective grille specially adapted to the desired vehicle type for countless vehicles, which is sold as a dog guard but of course not only protects against dogs flying around. As for the company itself, it can be said that Travall is the world's leading manufacturer of custom-fit and model-specific dog guards and dividers that all meet the highest standards. And quite in contrast to the Pet pack the dog is here outside the seats housed. But as already mentioned, we wanted to test the whole thing and had a grille sent to us for an Opel Astra Caravan model type "H".

Purpose of the grid

What immediately stands out is the fact that the grid is very solid and stable. Whoever has installed one of these standard networks ex works and its fluttering and wobbling knows who will definitely know that this is anything but a matter of course. With our vehicle, the experience with the standard network was very short because our dog completely devoured it within the first week, a fact that will definitely not occur with this metal grille.

The grille is ready for use with just 4 screws and can be installed in the trolley. For installation, we removed the load compartment cover and folded the rear seat, so we were able to attach the grille easily and within 5 minutes.

Once the grille has been inserted, it is fixed with 2 anchors to the receptacles for the backrest back and that's it. The whole thing is tightened with the 2 hand screws supplied and the installation is complete.

We find the simple and extremely effective positioning of the 6 feet on the inside of the C-pillars particularly impressive. It is precisely these fixed points that give the grille its extremely stable hold and so cannot be pushed into the interior by items of luggage etc. flying around. And it is precisely this point that can ultimately make the difference between life and death.

A big plus is the unobstructed view to the rear and the fact that the load compartment cover can be installed again. So it is also possible with the Travall dog guard to protect its trunk from unwanted glances. By the way, it is still possible to fold the rear seat bench individually or separately without having to remove the grille. The protective dog guard only needs to be removed for bulky items that take up the entire trunk. We have summarized all the important points for you again below:

  • Travall dog guard increases safety for drivers, passengers, animals, etc.
  • protects against distraction by dogs who absolutely want to enter the interior
  • Pets are protected by because they do not act as a projectile when braking
  • tailor-made for the corresponding car
  • particularly durable
  • Lifetime guarantee for manufacturing defects and failures
  • easy to install
  • almost no vehicle requires changes
  • Dismantling + reinstallation without tools
  • Model-specific Travall dividers are optionally available (100% compatible with the luggage racks)

Those of you who have been looking for exactly such a load protection / dog guard should, if they are as convinced of the grille as we are, look at the manufacturer's website and order the Travall dog guard for their vehicle. We hope you enjoyed our experience report / test report.

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