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ooono® traffic alarm - radar detectors and traffic jams tested!

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ooono® traffic alarm - radar detectors and traffic jams tested!

ooono® is the name of a product that is presented in more detail in the following article, and of course we do too tried out has been. But first some information! ooono® is a community based traffic alert, The alarm is designed to protect against traffic hazards. This includes, for example, accidents, but also speed traps and traffic jams. The warning should be given in real time, which gives the user the opportunity to react quickly. How ooono® works is explained in more detail below and of course shown in our video at the end of the article. You already know ooono® and just want to buy it? You can do it HERE!

Ooono (R) - Real-time warning

ooono® traffic alarm - radar detectors and traffic jams tested!

As already mentioned, the product works community-based, which means that the reporting of road hazards, general traffic disruptions and speed cameras are passed on and reported by a community. The notification can therefore be made in real time using modern digital technologies. The community at the heart means that as many active users as possible are required for the system to work. According to the website of ooono® already use Millionen the product. ooono® lives from the reports on traffic information from active drivers and partners such as Trafik Alarm, & TraffiHunter. Information is always updated via messages from users.

the Ooono Co-Driver No2 is there

ooono® traffic alarm - radar detectors and traffic jams tested!

The product is already used in more than 50 countries. With ooono®, borders can be crossed and real-time warnings can still be received. Through the international partners, Trafik Alarm and Traffi Hunter, the active user is also well informed abroad. The real-time warnings are preconfigured and apply in over 50 countries. The product is intended to detect and avoid speed traps, for example. Road hazards are also reported. The community also ensures that accidents are localized quickly and accurately, which enables users to navigate safely.

What are the advantages of ooono®?

ooono® is a functional device that ensures secure and easy registration and is not a subscription. The user is warned of road hazards (Accidents, speed cameras, traffic hazards etc.) warned and can focus entirely on the street. There is a real-time warning, more than 5 million drivers in the background, a huge coverage in traffic and the real-time warnings can be used in Germany and in more than 50 countries. The use of ooono® as a hazard and speed camera warning is safer than the use of hazard detector apps. The acoustic and visual warning is better perceived and the system does not distract the driver. Incidentally, the device can be set so that it does not warn of speed cameras, but only of general dangers such as accidents or construction sites. Then you have a clean slate!

Does ooono® also have disadvantages?

ooono® traffic alarm - radar detectors and traffic jams tested!

A smartphone with data usage is absolutely necessary to use the ooono® device. The ooono® app must also be installed. All real-time warnings and the data for speed limits of the ooono® traffic alarm are subject to the legal regulations in the respective country. In Germany it is a legal gray area. The use of a radar detector is in accordance with the StVO verboten! However, warnings of general danger spots are permitted. An active or operational device in the car is not permitted. You commit an administrative offense. However, the regulation can only be transferred to the driver of the car. The passenger is allowed to use the system theoretically use. Update: The legal situation for the passenger has changed. There is more information about this HERE. Sole possession of a radar warning system is not prohibited. You should always inform yourself in advance about the legal regulations in the respective country. (More information on this topic can be found in our article "Speed ​​camera apps: what is an offense, what is allowed?")

How does ooono® work?

The user receives the device and has to register on the smartphone using a simple app. The data that the product receives is user-generated. The community, i.e. active users, is the heart of ooono®. The active user reports speed cameras, traffic jams, roadblocks and accidents that other users should know. To use the device, the smartphone must be connected to the device, which is done automatically from the second time. The ooono® app works in the background on the smartphone and enables an automatic and permanent connection to the dongle in the car. The smartphone is necessary to be able to send and receive warnings in real time. The internet connection and the GPS of the smartphone are absolutely necessary for using the product. The device cannot be used without a smartphone and without the ooono® app. To report / confirm a danger, you simply have to press the button on the ooono® traffic alarm and you are already informing the other users.

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ooono® traffic alarm - radar detectors and traffic jams tested!

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ooono® traffic alarm - radar detectors and traffic jams tested!

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ooono® traffic alarm - radar detectors and traffic jams tested!

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  1. Instead of typing in the description of the website, you could have simply published a test here. So it was finally announced. Other websites criticize the functionality of the device. Often it just doesn't warn. But instead he just advertises.

    Poor performance.

  2. Terrible product, functionally is the same as Waze or works on same principle the only difference is that you have to pay 50 eur for a useless device that has a task a phone can achieve really easy. Their 5 million users are actually partner users and not their OWN users.

    Not recommended.

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