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Speed ​​camera apps: what is an offense, what is allowed?

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Speed ​​camera apps: what is an offense, what is allowed?

In about a week (from November 1st) occurs the new catalog of fines in force and there are higher penalties for motor vehicle drivers in almost every category. Especially when it comes to speeding violations. This is of course a torture for many drivers, which is why some use an app to avoid fines for driving too fast. As a rule, such apps are actually used allowed, but there is an exception for the driver and that is "not while driving". But they are allowed to Passenger or passenger use such an app and get the driver over Speed ​​traps also to inform while driving. The point is that it's only compliant when it's out initiative and not at the instruction of the driver. Then the driver can be helped with a speed camera detector!

Use can result in a fine

Speed ​​camera apps: what is an offense, what is allowed?

When using such an app while driving or a navigation app with speed camera warning can be caught in one Fine of 75 € and one point in Flensburg be the consequence. If active cell phone use is detected while driving, it can 100 € costs. But it is before the trip allows you to find out about upcoming speed cameras on the route. Even if you pull over to the right and that Engine switches off, you can find out about upcoming radar detectors. When driving on, however, the device must then be in its function to Warn about speed measurements can be deactivated again. Basically, you don't have to switch off the app. If this is equipped with additional functions such as reporting danger spots (accidents, broken-down cars, etc.), then these can continue to be used. Only the radar warning function has to be deactivated! Many providers allow corresponding settings in the app menu.

The assumption is sufficient for checking!

And that also applies to various additional devices such as the Saphe Drive Mini or the Ooono Traffic speed camera detector. Here, too, you can explicitly use the speed camera detector in the settings of the app supplied deactivate. Such violations, which are accompanied by the use of speed camera apps, are often discovered during a general traffic check. The police can check their cell phone if they suspect that the driver is using a speed camera app while driving. The cell phone can even be confiscated if the screen lock is active. How exactly one then wants to legally enforce unlocking the cell phone have, of course that is questionable.

Can the police unlock / read my cell phone?

Can cell phones seized or confiscated by the police be unlocked and read? Smartphones usually have good encryption technology, but this always depends on the operating system (iOS, Android, Windows, etc.). There are providers who offer various decryption options for the police. They actually made it possible to read the smartphone when it was locked. That can quickly cost € 1.500,00 to € 3.000,00 and in the event of a conviction imposed on the accused. But: Firstly, not every smartphone can be unlocked easily and secondly, it is also questionable whether a judge will even initiate such a step with regard to the possible punishment (after all, we're only talking about the use of a speed camera app). Keyword "Proportionality".

Tips: What if the police ask for my cell phone?

Notes: no legal advice: The following information is free and not legal advice. If you need legal advice, please consult an attorney.

Tip 1: Do not hand over your cell phone voluntarily

  • The police like to try to secure the cell phone, ie with consent from the person concerned. Such consent can often be found as an inconspicuous cross on the confiscation sheet, which the person concerned usually only reads superficially in the troubled situation. By voluntarily issuing it waived one on his rights. So the policeman friendly notify that you are a voluntary guarantee does not agree!

Tip 2: The PIN code is not given out

  • You should have the PIN code not issued voluntarily. Even if the police use costly decryption as a means of pressure. And remember, it is not the case that all cell phones can be unlocked and read easily. Therefore: The PIN code not issued!

Tip 3: Talking is silver, silence is gold!

  • As a victim or accused one should discord make use of his right to remain silent. This also applies to the unlock code or PIN code. Because "anything that is said can and will be used against you in court".
  • Do not sign on the spot. Use the right to remain silent and do not sign anything!
  • After the measure, you should go straight to a specialist lawyer to seek out.

Speed ​​camera apps: what is an offense, what is allowed?

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Speed ​​camera apps: what is an offense, what is allowed?

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Speed ​​camera apps: what is an offense, what is allowed?

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Speed ​​camera apps: what is an offense, what is allowed?

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