Tip: Saphe Drive Mini or the Ooono Traffic speed camera detector?

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Saphe Drive mini ooono traffic alarm test made a difference Tip: Saphe Drive Mini or the Ooono Traffic speed camera detector?

Cell phone, house keys, wallet ... But isn't something missing? Yes, you forgot that Speed ​​camera app on the smartphone activate before departure. This error is usually noticed too late - and then, when there is lightning. And that creates real trouble! Because the punishments for speeding sinners have recently tightened significantly. If you want to break away from the classic smartphone app, but still want to be warned of speed cameras in the area, you can use a so-called "traffic alert". It is a small device that creates a Bluetooth connection to the cell phone. The connection will automatically made when getting into the car. Of course you have to previously the corresponding app must be installed and configured. But this is not rocket science. The two devices "Saphe Drive Mini" and the "Ooono Traffic speed camera detector.“Both have already been tested by us and with this article we would like to summarize the differences again.

stand-alone device - the speed camera detector

Saphe Drive Mini traffic alarm radar detector tip: Saphe Drive Mini or the Ooono Traffic speed camera detector?

Both devices fulfill the functions of one Traffic alert, as well as the one Speed ​​camera detectors. Before that, we already had experience with classic speed camera apps for smartphones, but we haven't had anything to do with an independent device that establishes a Bluetooth connection with the mobile phone and starts the app automatically when getting into the car. The hated one "Such a crap" Thanks to the two small devices, you should be able to avoid the moment when you get flashed. Especially if you are traveling by car frequently and for longer periods of time, you can do it when it comes to Speed ​​cameras play it safe .

How do Ooono & Saphe devices work?

ooono traffic alarm radar detector tip: Saphe Drive Mini or the Ooono traffic speed camera detector?

The basic functionality of the two traffic alarms is very similar to that of the smartphone app. Both obtain the data from one of the end users and their hazard and speed camera reports fed database (including Blitzer.de). The Saphe Drive Mini has two labeled buttons, one for Speed ​​camera reports, one for hazards. With the Ooono there is only one button for this, which you can once for a hazard reportOr twice for a speed camera report must be actuated. So you have to remember in advance how often you have to press the button for the desired function. Not rocket science, but sometimes difficult in everyday life. This is easier with the Saphe Drive Mini, because the buttons are labeled accordingly and thus easy to distinguish. Both devices have different ones Light and sound signals for dangers and speed cameras. The absolute highlight of the Saphe Drive Mini is the small one color display. And that catapults the device into a completely different league.

The presentation is self-explanatory and especially in combination with the acoustics not to be overlooked / ignored. For both devices, once you get used to it, you can easily recognize and assign the different warning signals. Both do this job well. Almost by them penetrating light and noise backdrop, which the Ooono traffic alarm generates, it can be long-term, especially on longer journeys, but it can also be strenuous. The Saphe Drive Mini has the advantagethat you can turn down the acoustics via the app (but also works with the Ooono) and the screen, if correctly installed in the driver's field of vision, still sends an alarm unambiguous information. With the Ooono alarm, the optical display with the lighting up of the device is also available, what exactly is hidden behind the message, but that remains partially not clear.

Just a matter of attitude?

In the settings of the associated smartphone app, you can select what warnings you want to get from the device - only Blitzer, just hazardsOr both. It is generally recommended that the default settings maintain so that one all warnings receives. In this case, however, are both devices illegalif from "Vehicle driver" utilized. Because the use of speed camera warnings is general in this country verboten! More information on this at the end of the post.

Speed ​​camera radar detector locality penalties 3 Tip: Saphe Drive Mini or the Ooono Traffic speed camera detector?

In summary, both traffic alarms warn roughly as well as. They only differ in their operation, which we do with the Saphe Drive Mini like it better. However, it is a matter of opinion whether you can cope better with one or more buttons, whether you prefer more penetrating or more restrained light and noise warnings, but the color display of the Saphe Drive Mini is a very clear advantage.

Both speed camera detectors also work outside of Germany (other EU countries).

A speed camera detector is especially useful when you are traveling abroad wichtig. In order to test both devices, several drivers from tuningblog already had them with them Italy, Austria and in the Switzerland. Also in Bulgaria, Czech Republic, the Slovakia and in Spain they were tested. Both the device from Saphe and the Ooono speed camera detector have recognized almost all danger and accident areas and sent out warnings. Likewise were almost all speed cameras recognized. However, this is not surprising as the software and data sources of both devices are very similar. You are a data partner with the app Blitzer.de within Germany and sometimes use other country-specific services abroad. Insane is the fact how many people use such a device or the Blitzer.de speed camera app. Because even in the smallest village, a speed camera is set up after just a few minutes (or a laser station) reported and visible to the community.

What is the legal situation?

Police control police tip: Saphe Drive Mini or the Ooono Traffic speed camera detector?

The most common question asked is: Is it legal to use a traffic alarm while driving?

  • Basically it is allowedto be warned of speed cameras. The active use of a traffic alarm from our test or a corresponding smartphone app while driving, however, is loud Section 23 Paragraph 1c of the StVO verboten. If you are caught using the speed camera detector by the police, you will be fined 75 euros due.
  • However, exceeding the speed limit in the range of 16 to 20 km / h is also current 70 Euros Also, don't exactly punish a bargain. Anything beyond that anyway.
  • By the way, it is allowed when the passenger or more Passengers use a speed camera app and the driver orally point it out.
  • More information on this topic can be found in our article "Speed ​​camera apps: what is an offense, what is allowed?"

The life expectancy of the battery of the Ooono Traffic speed camera detector is less than one year.

  • After Ooono's traffic alarm had been on five times a week for an average of 10 minutes a day over a period of 60 months, it acknowledged the service. Unfortunately the device cannot be charged, but the battery (CR2450) is relatively simple interchangeable. The speed camera detector does not have to be recycled, but can continue to be used over the long term.
  • The Saphe Drive Mini is now too for about 5 months in action. Here, too, an average of 60 minutes a day and about 5 days a week. Since then, the battery has been on the Micro-USB Connection only charged once. This can be directly in the car while driving complete (USB-C cable with plug for the cigarette lighter) or at home on a conventional USB charger. The device is ready for use again in about 2-3 hours several months refueled. Here, too, a clear advantage over the Ooono.

Saphe Drive Mini more expensive than Ooono

Saphe Drive mini ooono traffic alarm test made a difference Tip: Saphe Drive Mini or the Ooono Traffic speed camera detector?

Both devices are inexpensive in terms of price. The Saphe Drive Mini currently costs 69,95€ on amazon and the ooono costs 49,99€. And there are various promotional prices from both providers sporadically again and again. And if the Saphe Drive Mini is too expensive for you, you can use the as an alternative Saphe One + at the promotional price of 39,95€ (otherwise € 49,99) to take. The functions are identical, only there are here no screen. Either way, price is not a decision criterion for us, as the first speed camera and in any case an accident are usually more expensive. In general, the Saphe Drive Mini is more convincing. Operation is easier thanks to the two different buttons and the color display makes all the difference in the end. With the Ooono you can get confused by single and double clicks, and thus inadvertently import incorrect messages into the database.

Neoline X COP 9100s 9300S Dashcam Hybrid Radar Detector Test 13 Tip: Saphe Drive Mini or the Ooono Traffic speed camera detector?

By the way: we have also tested laser radar detectors. Namely the device Neoline X-COP 9100s and the model 9300S. Both are a dashcam as a hybrid with a built-in radar detector. The following video shows how such a device works and if it works at all. The full review you can read it here.

Of course, that wasn't the end of it!

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