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What you need to know about the correct storage of tires!

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As soon as you switch from winter to summer tires or vice versa, the question arises, wo and who. the respective tires can be stored until the next season. We have summarized all information and tips for correct tire storage for you. And who more on the topic Tire rotation want to know, who should check out our contribution "How does the wheel change by DIY work?“Read through.

Dispose of broken tires immediately:

Before storing the tires, check them Damage or inclusions of foreign bodies in the profile. Bumps on the flank of the tires or cracks in the profile of the tire shoulder or sidewall can quickly become a hazard. You can usually save yourself the need to store such tires because they should be disposed of. This of course also applies to Worn tires. Which tires may be repaired and what to look out for can be found in our article on the subject of "Mending car tires: what is allowed and what does it cost?"To be read.

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Correct preparation and labeling before storage:

Before you finally store the tires, you should do them thoroughly clean and then let it dry again. You should also adjust the position of the tires on the vehicle accordingly mark. Mark the tires, for example, with VR for the front right, etc. How to do a proper vehicle wash can be found in our article on the topic of "Car wash / hand wash / car wax - this is how it works!“Read.

Store tires label mark What you need to know about the correct storage of tires!

Before storing, it is essential to increase the air pressure:

Since tires always lose air during storage, the actual air pressure in the tires should be around 0,5 bar compared to the manufacturer's information increase. This is the only way to ensure that the tires have sufficient air pressure the next time they are changed. Everything you need to know about air pressure can be found in our article "So that everything runs smoothly: How to find the right air pressure!“Read.

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In which position should tires be stored?

While complete bikes have an increased pressure and therefore horizontally and on top of each other should be stored, tires without rims can also be stored vertically or on edge stehend be stored. Alternatively, so-called Rim trees or special wall brackets be used. Tires without rims should be used during storage to be rotated every now and then. What to look out for with regard to the various brackets, and whether perhaps even a so-called tire cart is right, you can find out in our article "How do you store your tires? We have a few tips".

Store tires label mark wall What you need to know about the correct storage of tires!

Which places are suitable for storing tires?

The ideal storage location for tires should meet several requirements. It should be cool, dark and dry. In addition, no solvents or oils should be stored near the tires, as these can affect the tires. Also protect the tires from moisture, direct sunlight and ozone. Where the good wine is normally stored, the tires should also be stored there. Because the optimal conditions are roughly the same. Since this can of course only be implemented to a very limited extent, the example with the wine is of course only a guideline.

Is storage at a tire dealer recommended?

If you do not have space or a suitable storage facility for your tires at home, you can also store them for a small fee at a tire dealer or workshop near you. The tires are stored there under perfect conditions.

How long are tires actually durable / usable?

Tires should be disposed of after 8 to 10 years at the latest, no matterwhat about the texture or the tread depth. You can use a four-digit number at the end of "DOT" marking Read off (Department of Transport). This is usually located on the side of the tire. The first two digits stand for the respective Production week and the last two digits indicate that Year of production. For example, if your tires say “1121”, this means calendar week 11 and the year 2021. There is more about tire designations in our article "Explanation! What do the tire names say?".

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