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For rough use on the off-roader: the loading area coating!

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Offroader Linex X coating 1 For rough use on the offroader: the loading area coating!

Many off-road fans have surely asked themselves how it is possible to protect your sweetheart against damage to the body even in difficult terrain. We have the solution for you. There are special coatings that protect the body and paintwork from unwanted damage and also look cool. In many areas of application, it is necessary that such a coating offers the necessary protection, for example to protect the vehicle from bumps, scratches, chipping and corrosion. This makes systems from LINE-X, Rhino & Co. the first choice when it comes to protecting the off-roader in difficult terrain. The coatings are extremely resistant to chemicals and optimally protect your vehicle against all kinds of damage off-road.

LINE-X dries quickly / Rhino is thicker

Offroader Linex X coating 2 For rough use on the offroader: the loading area coating!

Another advantage of protective coatings is that some of them dry very quickly and are therefore suitable for light use shortly after application. Full protection in difficult terrain is then guaranteed the next day at the latest. As the Bedliner coatings became increasingly popular, off-road fans began to use the LINE-X coating to protect the entire body of vehicles, for example, because this coating made the body resistant to scratches even in difficult terrain. With the increase in popularity among off-road fans, manufacturers were looking for a similarly durable and scratch-resistant thin film coating that achieved the same effect as a thick film coating that was commonly used. For this reason, LINE-X, for example, developed a thin-film coating called LINE-X ULTRA, which has similar properties to the original product called LINE-X, but is ideal for surfaces with low tolerances such as doors and bonnets. LINE-X ULTRA is UV-resistant and can be used as a top coating for classic LINE-X coatings or as a completely independent coating. In impact tests surpassed By the way, LINE-X Ultra even classic powder coatings and industrial paint systems. But not only LINE-X has such a product on offer. Rhino or the company in Germany FOLIATEC with the new Hard Rock Liner have placed corresponding products on the market.

Tutorial: Hard Rock Liner -

Tutorial: Apply DIY Truck Bed Liner

Tutorial: a $ 100 spray for the truck bed

Regardless of which manufacturer, the coatings are used in many industries, for example in the military, construction, healthcare or livestock transport and agriculture. All coating systems consist of 100% solids and in most cases contain no volatile organic compounds such as hydrocarbons or alcohols, which makes them environmentally friendly. The coating is applied using a special process using a Graco high-pressure spray system, which means that the type of coating should not be carried out by a hobbyist, but only by a specialist. A good coating for the loading area and especially the whole vehicle is not available in a spray can or in a paint pot. You get the guarantee that it meets the highest requirements after a successful application.

complete outer coating is trendy

Offroader Linex X coating 3 For rough use on the offroader: the loading area coating!

An average use of Bedliner and accessory protection only takes one day, while a complete outer coating, of course, takes longer, depending on the disassembly and preparation time required. Most of the products are sold throughout Europe and there are currently countless sales centers in the EU to use the Amarican products, for example. Besides the Foliatec product and the LINE-X version, the coatings from Bullet liner, Raptor liner and the one already mentioned Rhino liner. Basically, every coating has its advantages and disadvantages. A coating from Rhino, for example, is significantly softer and therefore possibly more suitable depending on the area of ​​application. The material is thicker than the Line-X coating and not as rough. Many users swear by the fact that due to the composition, there is a better anti-slip function. Noise and vibrations are eliminated more effectively than Line-X. If you are also interested in optimally protecting your off-roader or your commercial vehicle, which is used in difficult terrain, from damage, then do not hesitate and get one of the mentioned coatings that give the vehicle the necessary protection in every situation.

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