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Engine cleaning / BEDI cleaning for full performance!

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680 HP Chevrolet Nova SS compressor as Restomod 23 Engine cleaning / BEDI cleaning for full performance!

The problem with diesel engines in particular is that increasing pollutant emissions and consumption are ubiquitous. Regardless of the fuel used, the performance of all internal combustion engines decreases over time. And the engines are often clogged even with older gasoline direct injection engines. At some point it is time to have the engine cleaned thoroughly. But we don't just mean that any addition, but we mean proper cleaning of the interior of the engine.

Combustion residues in the engine

Coking engine cleaning Bedi Tuning e1594382669383 engine cleaning / BEDI cleaning for full performance!

Every vehicle owner is able to do something for the longevity of the engine. Due to bad combustion and many cold starts, which are inevitable, especially in winter, the engine is literally clogged. Soot particles collect on the cylinder walls and on the spark plugs, the emission of pollutants increases and the performance of the vehicle declines. Every vehicle lover's nightmare. For this reason, mechanics advise that the engine be added at regular intervals oil change to be cleaned. So, as the owner of your vehicle, you can devote yourself to the next emissions test with a clear conscience and do not have to live with a loss of performance. Experience shows that pollutant emissions can even be almost halved by cleaning them in some cases.

Coking engine cleaning Bedi Tuning 2 engine cleaning / BEDI cleaning for full performance!

Furthermore, lost power can be recovered in high-performance vehicles with around 400 HP, some +50 HP. And all this with lower consumption. Of course, this always depends on the vehicle type and the installed engine as well as the degree of pollution. But the improvements are repeatedly confirmed by vehicle owners in various forums that have made the decision to have the engine cleaned. Engine cleaning is often recommended in combination with a consumption-reducing one ECO-Tuning. But even with a classic increase in performance, thorough cleaning in advance and at regular intervals in the following years cannot hurt.

What causes engine pollution?

Aspec PPV430R VW Scirocco 20 inch Vossen VLE 1 Tuning 11 Engine cleaning / BEDI cleaning for full performance!

A motor cannot be compared to a sterile laboratory. Even the fuel carries the smallest of particles with it. Abrasion, additives, tar, oil and resin are also welcome. So you can imagine how much impurities an engine accumulates in its entire career. Volkswagen's TSI engines are particularly criticized here. Some of these tend to have extreme buildup. Almost all components that are close to the combustion are affected here. Starting with the throttle valve, through the valves, the cylinder head and the seals to the exhaust gas recirculation. The big drawback is that precisely these parts are responsible for the performance of the vehicle.

Good engine cleaning costs!

The prices are almost always adapted to the engines. Logically, a normal four-cylinder costs less than a powerful twelve-cylinder or a V8. You can count between 150 and 350 euros for a good chemical engine cleaning, which is also worth it. For mechanical cleaning by hand with the engine disassembled, however, at least € 600 should be planned.

the process of cleaning the engine

Cleaning is very complex and involves several sub-steps. In order to loosen dirt in the fuel tract, the fuel is turned on Cleaning additive attached. This is best possible when the tank is approximately half full. For Intake tract cleaning special equipment is then required which injects the cleaning mixture into the air flow in front of the throttle valve. Now the engine is started again and again at different intervals, so that the cleaning mixture and the mixture for the intake tract are supplied and have time to act. For optimal cleaning, it is recommended that the vehicle be left overnight in the respective workshop. This allows the cleaner to act optimally and the end result improves. If you cannot guarantee this due to time constraints, you often have the option of getting a replacement car. Since part of the cleaner is still in the fuel, cleaning continues until the next tank fill. Afterwards, fixed oil change intervals, premium engine oils and petrol should be filled with more octane to keep the condition.

essentially the steps of cleaning

It does not always have to be a cleaning, in which you have to partially disassemble the engine. A performance measurement can decide which type of cleaning should be carried out. If the factory performance still fits, then a dry cleaning may be enough. If not, harder methods are needed.

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What is coking?

The resulting oil mist from the crankcase ventilation and the hot exhaust gases from the exhaust gas recirculation permanently provide an oil carbon layer directly in the intake tract. But not only there, this layer also settles on the inlet valves. In the case of a turbo engine, the problem is less present due to the high boost pressure. And the modern engines with dual engine injection and intake manifold are hardly exposed to coking.

To summarize the most important information about cleaning the engine:

  • possible for diesel and petrol cars
  • Common names: BEDI cleaning
  • is used to remove combustion residues in the engine caused by dirty combustion and cold starts
  • Cleaning removes soot from the cylinder walls, the spark or glow plugs etc. which are caused by abrasion, additives, tar, oil, resin etc.
  • The amount of pollutants can be significantly reduced by cleaning the engine
  • On average, between 5 and 10 HP can be "brought back", with powerful engines up to +50 HP
  • fuel savings are sometimes achieved
  • Engine cleaning can be carried out in combination with ecotuning or a classic performance upgrade
  • BEDI cleaning should include cleaning the throttle valve, valves, cylinder head, seals, pistons and exhaust gas recirculation
  • optimal cleaning result is achieved in combination with an oil change
  • BEDI cleaning procedure with cleaning agent: cleaning additives are added to the oil, which remove incrustations and build-up from the motor body, then the dirty oil is drained off and replaced, intake tract cleaning using special equipment (injects cleaning mixture into the air flow in front of the throttle valve), Engine is started at intervals, vehicle should stop overnight
  • Prices for BEDI cleaning from € 150,00 to € 350,00
  • Prices for manual engine cleaning from around € 600

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Ringbrothers 608 PS De Tomaso Pantera ARDNLN Restomod Tuning 6 Engine cleaning / BEDI cleaning for full performance!

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