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Tire change Trolley jack Winter tires Summer All information about flat jacks for tuned cars!

One owns one lowered vehicle, and if you are also a hobby mechanic, then you have to carry out work on the car from time to time that requires lifting, such as changing tires, installing track plates or when adjusting the coilover. For normal cars this is enough Standard jack from who however one lowered vehicle Being allowed to call your own cannot ignore a certain utensil: The flat jack. At least when aids such as various boards and Stones to drive up should not are desired. In the following article, some information about flat jacks is presented. And many questions about the jack in connection with tuned cars are answered.

Why a flat jack?

First of all, of course, the question arises: Why do I even need a special flat jack when my car is tuned?? The vehicle is very popular among tuners lower. Lowered cars can be seen again and again - no wonder, since lowering brings numerous Advantages with itself: In addition to the optical The advantage is also a significantly improved one driving experience on. Do you want to show your car not only at tuning fairs and meetings, but also with it driving on the road, but you have to stay within the legal framework when it comes to ground clearance. Does the car have a ground clearance of 110 mm, the headlights and indicators are no more than 500 mm above the ground and the lower edge of the front license plate is no lower than 200 mm, then driving the tuned car on public roads is no problem either.

flat jack lowering tuning All information about flat jacks for tuned cars!

Nice that change tires can become a problem!

If you want a lowered vehicle without too many inconveniences, for example change the tires, you quickly run into a problem: with one normal jack it is usually no longer possible to lift the car properly and safely. The problem occurs however not only in tuned cars, owners of a vehicle with a standard low body are often familiar with this problem. Then you either help yourself by going up on a couple of boards to get the car up and jack on, or you can discard it shaky thoughts and looks around for a suitable jack. Here comes the flat jack into the game, which helps to make working on such cars much easier. Below is a small video from 83metoowhere you can see how exactly you use a flat jack and what its advantages are:

The way a flat jack works is basically accurate dieselb tolike those of a normal jack, they just have different designs. The flat jack has a lower support surface and thus makes it possible to get under deep car bodies and this safely to the OEM points to raise. So it is made for tuning vehicles. Just like with a standard jack, however, it is essential to access the maximum weightwhich the jack can carry must be observed in order to be able to guarantee safe work. If the weight is not exceeded you only have to use the right place on the underside of the body where the jack will be located. It is usually located immediately next to the wheels. In order to then jack up a car, it is sufficient to attach the jack and the supporting surface in the appropriate place to pump up - and even deep bodies can be lifted without any problems. It must be on no special additional things are respected.

The recording is especially important!

But if you bring the jack out of recklessness or ignorance not in the designated place it can have serious consequences and the body could be damaged by itself bends or similar. A simple one tire change could then one expensive repair have as a consequence. It can also easily happen that the paintwork is scratched by the lifter. Not to mention the no longer guaranteed security, which of course always highest priority should have.

By the way: also with one Jack stand you can lift and repair a vehicle. How it is used is explained by our contribution "Parking stand for the car? How is it used? Tips!".

The right place to attach the jack is usually easy to see because it is one piece thicker or wider is. Once you have found the place, the jack must be pushed underneath. It must be ensured that the contact surface of the jack meets the contact point on the body and there flush concludes. It is also important that the vehicle on which the work is being carried out is on straight ground and stands securely, so that even when lifting no danger for safety due to slipping, wobbling or the like.

flat jack lowering tuning 1 All information about flat jacks for tuned cars!

Which is the best jack?

After how a flat jack has now been explained, the question naturally arises, which is the best. However, there is no general answer to this question, as there are many different factors to consider. And in the end it is too from the vehicle and the built-in Lowering dependent. When buying a flat jack, you should generally ensure that it is from high quality and well processed is. In addition, it is important to ensure that he has a possible high weight can withstand. This ensures that you can contact him even in unforeseen situations other vehicles with a heavy weight can use without hesitation. The more weight a jack can withstand while naturally taking one secure and firm footing guaranteed, and the more valuable it is, the more besser is he. You will find below 9 jacks, which are recommended on Amazon and are among the best sellers:

  1. DeTec. DT-3TWH hydraulic jack 3t
  2. Springer tools 2,5 T trolley jacks
  3. Rodcraft 8951082026 car jack RH215, 2t, flat
  4. BGS 2889 | Trolley jack | 2,5 t | hydraulically
  5. BGS 2897 | Trolley jack | 1,5 t | hydraulically
  6. KUNZER (WK 1075 FSH) hydraulic trolley jack
  7. RODCRAFT aluminum jack RH135 lifting power 1,3 tons
  8. HP car accessories 11325 Flat trolley jack
  9. Goodyear 75518 Premium trolley jack 2 tons

The products mentioned are of high quality, have been sold many times and buyers also use them throughout 4 or more stars rated. A jack, regardless of the version, is always required Accessories. Depending on the product, there are already on the jack Rubber attachments and Rubber pads or have to be attached there first. The supports ensure that when the body is lifted, this no damages and the paint does not get any scratches or the like. They also ensure that the bottom of the car flat and without Risk of slipping rests on the jack. Damaged or frequently used attachments increase the risk of the car wobbles oder sogar kippt and thus reduce security enormously. These rubber parts wear out with the times and have to sooner or later exchanged so that functionality and security can still be guaranteed.

flat jack lowering tuning race ramps All information about flat jacks for tuned cars!
Access ramps as an alternative

Do you want a car over you longer period jack up, another accessory comes into play, namely Jack stands. These are often used when working with jacks, whether flat or standard, and last for a longer period of time firm and secure stand. However, it is also important to use the Weight:for which they are intended and that actual weight of the vehicle. There are also several Jack stands for certain Lifting heights.

Of course that had not happened yet!

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