Parking stand for the car? How is it used? Tips!

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A Jack stand you should in addition to a conventional Car Jack own as this one by far higher payload having. In this article, however, you will find out what you should pay attention to when buying a jack stand.

How does a jack stand?

With a jack stand vehicles or other objects jacked up become. As a rule, such jack stands are used for modifications to the vehicle, such as the tire change or at various Working on the chassis, for use. So if you like to tinker with your car yourself and don't always want to go to the mechanic right away, then one should be Support block an integral part of your garage.

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How can you tell the quality of a jack stand and what should you look out for when buying?

Basically, two important criteria decide on the quality of a jack stand, on the one hand the maximum load and on the other hand the Number of legs. In addition, jack stands can be in the Functionality clearly distinguish and either mechanically, manually or hydraulic function. In a professional workshop, jack stands with a load capacity of about 2 tons and hydraulic controls used as no mechanic manual several tons crank up will.

  • The material: When buying, you should definitely pay attention to the material of the jack stand. High-quality specimens with a high load capacity and excellent security are always off Steel made.
  • The load capacity: In addition to the material, the load capacity is also a decisive factor. A load capacity of 2 tons is recommended for use at home. However, this maximum load should refer to a single trestle and not to an entire set.

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  • The height: Also, look out for those when buying maximale and the minimal Height of the buck. In the event that the minimum height is too great, the vehicle must be used accordingly raised become. In order to be able to carry out work on the vehicle easily, the maximum height at least 30 cm be.

Foldable jack stands with locking!

If you are looking for a folding trestle decide, it can be easily transported in the vehicle or stowed in the garage. The structure of the trestle changes due to the fact that it is foldable but nothing. Also make sure that the new jack stand has a safety lock in the event of an overload. Most of the time it is a metal pin with which the bracket is locked and, in an emergency, even Can save lives.

How can a car be jacked up?

In order to jack up a vehicle, you first need to use a conventional jack raise. Only then can you position the jack stand accordingly and then lower the vehicle onto the jack.

What should you watch out for when jacking up a car?

If you want to jack up the car on loose ground, you should definitely put a flat piece of wood under the jack to get more stability. Correct placement of the jack stand on the car is also crucial. Alternatively, a stone slab or a correspondingly thick one Metal plate work as a base.

What is the load capacity of the jack stands?

Conventional jack stands have a load capacity of 2 tons. This is more than sufficient for private use and usually corresponds to the specifications of a conventional jack. For professional use in a workshop, however, there are usually jack stands with a load in between 3 and 6 tons for use.

Can the height of the jack stands be adjusted?

Of course, the height of the jack stands can be adjusted. Only in this way can work on the car be simplified. Pay attention to that minimal and the maximale Lifting height of the trestle. Some models also have a gradually Adjustment. There are, for example, jack stands for Low-floor vehicles.

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How are jack stands sold?

Most are jack stands pairs sold. But some can too individually or as Set with 4 pieces sold. Therefore, read the respective item description carefully before buying in order to avoid a nasty surprise.

How safe are jack stands?

Um Maintenance To be able to carry out the work safely on the vehicle itself, you definitely need a jack stand. All work is only possible with a jack stand risk free be performed. Alternatively, you can still think about a ramps. These are also very safe and suitable for many jobs. They are even available with an integrated Jack function.

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