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For precise timing: which performance box?

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Accelerometer Timers Comparison Experience Laps Laptimer 2 For exact timing: which performance box?

Regardless of whether it is a series vehicle or a tuned one. A good Tuning performance box (also called timepiece) to measure performance, for example from a 1/4 mile time, actually belongs in the automotive repertoire. At least if you are one of those people who see a vehicle not just as a commodity for the journey from A to B. And especially the tuners, who of course make up the lion's share of our readers, will sooner or later have dealt with such a SpeedBox for performance tracking. Be it simple to the ones specified by the manufacturer acceleration values to check or to determine the difference between the production vehicle and the tuned variant. There are many reasons. And the selection of different measuring devices is just as diverse. But what do you have to pay attention to when you want to buy such a performance box?

popular performance measuring devices

DRAGY GPS Performance e1621421767368 For precise timing: which performance box?
DRAGY GPS performance

The following devices have consistently acceptable (partly very good, but at least satisfactory) Receive user reviews on the major independent portals. A general statement as to which box is the best is of course difficult to say, since the personal needs but also that Budget play a major role. Nevertheless, a small overview of currently available devices from us, which should make it easier for you to “google” for a suitable measuring device.

  • Qstarz
    LT-6000S GPS
  • JVM
  • Koso power
  • RaceBox
  • KOSO GPS Lap Timer
  • Aim Solo 2 data logger
  • Corsaro V3 R.
  • Garmin Catalyst ™
    Racetrack coach
  • Dragy GPS + GLONASS
  • Racelogic PerformanceBox

A direct comparison according to the motto "this is the best performance box“Unfortunately we cannot offer you. But we can at least roughly go into what such a thing Accelerometer should bring. In our opinion, the following things definitely belong in the functionality of an accelerometer.

  • Options for measuring acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h, 100-200 km / h, 1/4 mile or lap times
  • compatible with iOS or Android or Windows
  • at least Bluetooth 4.0
  • built-in battery + charger for cars
  • Latest generation GPS for perfect accuracy and positioning
  • At least 95% measuring accuracy (but if possible accurate to the hundredth of a second)
  • easy to use, clear data output
  • intuitive user interface
  • compact dimensions
  • automatic data collection during the race lap
  • pre-installed database with the most important circuit racing tracks
  • Accelerometer should be a stand-alone device that works without any additional accessories
  • Unpack, assemble, done.
  • Scope of delivery should include: Suction cup holder for the windshield, charging cable, external GPS antenna for even better precision, operating instructions.

Nice gimmicks, but not a must!

The following functions are a nice addition, but in our opinion they are absolutely necessary for time measurement should not.

  • Measure braking time (100-0 km / h, 200-0 km / h etc.)
  • Measure G-force
  • Overlapping of the measurement times for comparison
  • Interface
  • ergonomic shape of the device
  • Ability to share the results on social media or in forums
  • Real-time coaching tool
  • Multi-touch display
  • Integrated camera for HD recordings
  • True Track Positioning (creation of race track laps with display of ideal line)
  • Audio announcements in real time for ideal curves
  • True Optimal Lap (for the ideal lap)
  • Data archive for comparing the results
  • Recommendations based on estimated driver skills
  • Menu in all languages ​​(German, Italian, French etc.)

What else should you know?

A good PerformanceBox uses the most modern and high quality GPS data recording to be able to record driving performance measurements in the field of car tuning, lap timing or for data analysis in track day racing. This is the only way to guarantee that the exchange of driving performance data and the exact data analysis from the tuning carried out are also visible. In our opinion, the standards in consumer GPS data recording are currently set by the devices Racelogic PerformanceBox Touch Laptimer but also that Dragy GPS Performance Meter.

Racelogic PerformanceBox Timers Comparison Experience For exact timing: which Performance Box?
Racelogic PerformanceBox Touch Laptimer

Both devices are quick to install, highly accurate and valid. They guarantee professional GPS measurement technology. So you always keep an eye on your performance! No matter if ¼ mile, ½ mile, 60-130 mph, 100-200 km / h and much more. The devices are currently hard to beat in their segment (as of 05.2021). The use of high-speed GPS satellites in order to be able to measure the performance of the vehicle exactly, in part down to 1/100 of a second, is a more than sufficient fact for the layman.

Comparison of Racelogic PerformanceBox (DriftBox, PBox), QStarz and VBox Sport in the video!

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