Smooth but often illegal - clean the vehicle and the pitfalls

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Many car buyers also look for an appealing emblem on a car. While BMW, Audi & Co. are quite chic, Lada, Dacia & Co. often cannot really convince with the design of their logos. Unfortunately, not all brands can offer a nicely designed brand logo, which is why many tuning fans decide to screw down the emblems and then close the holes that may have arisen with sheet metal. Unnecessary moldings and lettering are often so-called victims Cleaning actions (also called shaving), which are spreading more and more in the tuning scene. Even rear wipers and entire license plate hollows are often cleaned by tuners to give the car a smoother, cleaner look. But that's not always nice either. But as is so often the case, “beauty” naturally lies in the eye of the beholder.

Tailgate cleaning tuning
Tailgate cleaned - license plate recess, windshield wiper removed

especially strict in Austria (Info)

You can in principle remove any redundant part by cleaning, however, it is forbidden by law to remove the door handle recesses, since it is legally required that a vehicle for a normal person from the outside must be open.

Tuning Cleaning laws
Nice? No idea! TÜV? Definitely not…

Possible measures of the police in case of suspicion of illegal cleaning of the vehicle:

  • general traffic control
  • Notification of misdemeanor
  • Deficiency report (dismantling / demonstration TÜV / Dekra)
  • Prohibition of onward journey (in case of danger)
  • Securing / confiscation of the car (in case of danger / lack of transparency)

Stars at the Show & Shine contests

You also have to be aware of the possible legal consequences. These are the loss of general operating permit and the associated decommissioning of the vehicle. Especially at Show & Shine Contests The stars of the tuning event are cleverly designed cars that look so smoothly ironed that there is really no superfluous attachment. This makes it very easy to occupy one of the top places in the scene in cup competitions, especially if the cleaning has been carried out professionally and expertly. It also depends on the design of the vehicle, which smoothing measures make sense and which seem less useful.

Scratches and dents pre-programmed

Caution is also advised when driving a clean car into and out of parking spaces, as removing the side protection strips can quickly create a dent in the door if you open the door carelessly and have contact with the enemy. Even in winter and when it rains, there can be disadvantages with a clean car, especially if you have removed the rear window wiper to smooth the look of the car. Then the rear window remains full of snow. And of course you also need one Rear wiper cover. When cleaning, you have to be aware that not only the design of your vehicle changes, but also the functions in some cases, which is why you cannot just start cleaning, but have to weigh up the advantages and disadvantages before you start with the conversion .

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