Ferrari is a legend. The Italian car manufacturer is the epitome of sportiness. This is also reflected in the history of the company: Ferrari was founded 1947 by former racing driver Enzo Ferrari. At that time with the intention to build and sell race cars for sports car races. But from this quickly developed today's sports cars for the road, which were no longer suitable for racing use. With success: In the year 2017 the Italians produced more than 8000 vehicles for the road. The most successful year in Ferrari history. But in motor sports, the Tifosi are still a size today: The Italians go with Sebastian Vettel in the Formula 1 at the start and fight for the world title in the premier class of motorsport. Despite all sportiness, the Ferrari models are also in the tuning area a popular object. Tuning a Ferrari is one of the highest tasks in the autotuning scene.