Thursday 21rd September 2023


Opel - an oiled lightning for car fans. In the year 1862 Adam Opel founded his sewing machine company in Rüsselsheim. 1888 outsourced production from a cowshed and the company moved into a larger company building, which was also located in Rüsselsheim. As early as 1886, the company began producing high-speed wheels in addition to sewing machines, and the number of bicycles produced soon surpassed the number of sewing machines produced. The first cars produced Opel in the year 1899, then still in cooperation with Friedrich Lutzmann, an automotive designer. However, these cars were not very successful and ended after two years of cooperation. The first own automobile was presented to 1902 at the Hamburg Motor Show, however, the series production only began 1906. At the beginning of the 1920 years, Opel was the first German car manufacturer to start production line production. 1929 took over the US car company General Motors first 80% of the German manufacturer, then two years later to buy all shares. The marriage between Opel and GM lasted almost 90 years, before the French PSA group took over the helm in March 2017. In terms of tuning, the brand with the flash is not as popular as in the 1990er years, but when it comes to vehicle tuning and spectacular brand meetings, there is still no way past Opel.