The Autotuner Irmscher is one of the most successful German Opel car tuners. Remscheider Irmscher Automobilbau GmbH was founded in 1968 by Günther Irmscher, who began an extremely fruitful collaboration with Opel in 1970. From then on, Irmscher concentrated on tuning Opel models and creating legendary vehicles. For example, the Irm Senator, first introduced in 1990, achieved a certain cult status. Irmscher also added the other brands of the parent company, GM, to Cadillacs, Chevrolets and Buicks. For example, this gave rise to the Chevrolet Camaro with over 500 hp. Irmscher is innovative and uses a wide variety of drive types for its auto tuning. The company is converting older Opel models with gas systems, making them more environmentally friendly. Of course, Irmscher also does it in a very classic way by converting and adding spoilers, side skirts, rims and parts of the interior design. High-quality materials such as aluminum and fine wood are used. Among other things, steering wheels, gear knobs, console cladding, pedals and door pins are changed. Last but not least, Irmscher makes the engines stronger, but the exhaust gas is also cleaner. There is more about the company

Irmscher new building at the gateway to Winnenden

The Irmscher group of companies was founded in Winnenden in 1968 with the capital from the sale of a racing car. In the meantime, it has grown into a global group of companies that acts as a partner and service provider for the automotive industry. In the more than 55-year history, more ...

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