Manhart MHX5 700 based on BMW X5M with 730 hp!

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Manhart MHX5 700 BMW X5M 20

The success proves Manhart right, but it is actually superfluous to take a huge SUV that weighs over two tons more than 700 PS equip. But in times of automotive abundance, which seem like a last gasp of powerful combustion engines before they are (unfortunately) replaced by electric drives, tuners want to show what is technically feasible. And the customers say thank you with a series of orders and inquiries regarding the availability of one Tuning kits. So it is of course no wonder that the Wuppertal tuner is once again taking on a BMW model. BMW fans are usually performance-hungry and always on the lookout for sporty automobiles that embody a certain premium character, but are dynamic. The new Manhart MHX5 700, which is based on the BMW X5M (F95), we present to you in more detail today.

Black and gold colossus with carbon body kit!

To be a real Manhart, he gives himself MHX5 700 not satisfied with small, subtle modifications. It has to be the full program to be able to bear the name with pride and dignity. And this example shows that impressively. This is how the vehicle enters, among other things Carbon body kit from Manhart, which is made entirely of carbon fiber, and with a new one bonnet with GTR air intakes and one front spoiler was garnished. Mighty two-pieces also fall on the side side skirts made of carbon, which are optimally combined with the carbon-look ones Exterior mirror caps harmonize.

Finally, the rear view is dominated by a two-part one rear spoiler with a brutal look that not only consists of a gigantic roof spoiler consists, but also with two hump-like Trim fitted below the rear window. This kind of restyling is a bit overdone and destroys the otherwise subtle lines of the MHX5 700, but who cares! This is joined by a fat, two-part one diffuser, the one of four Exhaust tailpipes is flanked, which are arranged symmetrically. And of course a second color should not be missing, and so owns it Painting in front and on the sides golden accents, which provide a special look.

Manhart MHX5 700 BMW X5M 8

Suspension technology was also upgraded, and so came H&R lowering springs used to optimize driving behavior. Quite incidentally, even satin black were Concave One Wheels in 10,5×22 inch format attached to the modified X5M, on which Tires in the 295/30 ZR22 format. There is an option to live behind the gigantic reels High-performance brake system with individually configurable upgrades.

The interior is very classy for an extra charge!

If the customer participates in a Interior upgrade is interested, he gets 5 for his MHX700 for an extra charge shift paddles, steering wheel spoke covers made of carbon, embroidered Foot mats and similar things that provide more luxury in the cockpit.

4,4 liter V8 biturbo petrol engine ensures breathtaking driving performance!

With this vehicle, the Wuppertal tuning company has the model designation understated. The MHX5 700 doesn't do that just 700, but believe it or not 730 PS and gigantic 900 Newtonmeter maximum torque. This is done by an ECU remapping or the installation of an additional MHtronik control unit from Manhart Performance. One Manhart stainless steel exhaust system with a flap function ensures a brute sound, and are available on request Race downpipes without catalyst available which, just like that OPF-Delete replacement tubes, are only approved for export, as they are denied the blessing of the TÜV in Germany. In approximately 4 seconds it goes to 100 km/h, and that in a 2-ton SUV colossus. However, we don't know if Manhart has disabled the electronic 250 mph limit or not.

Manhart MHX5 700 BMW X5M 12

Our verdict on the Manhart MHX5 700:

bodykit may not be to everyone's taste, but the inner values ​​are fantastic! We congratulate the people of Wuppertal on this great project, which will surely find many fans again. As always, we have added a photo gallery to the end of the article. If we get more information about the changes, there is of course an update for this report. You will be informed about this if you simply use our Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

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Manhart MHX5 700 based on the BMW X5M with 730 hp!
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